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They beat a young man in the pub toilets, Willy reel for three bikers

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Translated from Italian

They beat a boy in the bathroom of a room in via Ugo La Malfa, in Palermo, during the celebrations of a motorcycle club. Now for the three motorcyclists – two from Messina and one from Palermo responsible for the beating – the “Willy” daspo issued by the Palermo Police Commissioner are released. That is, the ban on entering the local scene of the attack which resulted in a 30-day prognosis for the victim, but also in bars and public places in the area for the next two years. This is the new prevention measure adopted by the commissioner Laricchia against the violent nightlife in Palermo and in the province. The Willy daspo was created after the murder of Willy Monteiro, the twenty-one year old killed in Colleferro after suffering a beating.

In the bathroom of the club, a guest of the party, stranger to any motorcycle club, was blocked by a man dressed in a black leather vest bearing the emblem of the “Bandidos” motorcycle group who, at first blocked his passage, preventing him from entering and then , backed by other motorcyclists belonging to the same club, ordered him to hurry up and get out. During the evening, the victim was again aimed in the room, then, once again in the bathrooms, where she was attacked with kicks and punches in the face and chest by the group of men from the “Bandidos mc Messina” who also kidnapped a friend of the victim. to stop him from helping.

The three motorcyclists were arrested by the police who, at the end of 2020, carried out a precautionary detention order against them. Now the provision to protect public safety: the three motorcyclists are prohibited from accessing the venue and other public establishments in the area.

Location: Italy
Source: palermo.repubblica
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