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Schweinfurt: Rockers are brutally chasing a car driver

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Translated from German

After an overtaking maneuver, motorcyclists from the rocker club “Gremium” hit the car and followed the driver into the port of Schweinfurt. The police seem to have arrived just in time. 

Motorcyclists literally chased a driver.  Symbol photo: Timm Schamberger / dpa
Motorcyclists literally chased a driver. 
Symbol photo: Timm Schamberger / dpa

May 1st is a holiday on two wheels for many motorcyclists, it is the day for group outings. One of them ended in a tangible argument in Schweinfurt: motorcycle men were chasing a driver – and the police apparently came at the last minute to help the man.

Members of the MC committee

Saturday afternoon, May 1st: Motorcyclists are out and about on the B286. They are organized: “MC Gremium” is written across their backs on their robes. This rocker club has around 1900 members across Germany, it is the strongest club even before the Bandidos or the Hells Angels . Their “Chapter” departments – extend across Europe.

With them on the road between Gerolzhofen and Schweinfurt: a 27-year-old in his Crysler. According to the current state of the investigation, the 27-year-old driver of the silver Chrysler 300C drew the wrath of bikers while overtaking at around 3:20 p.m. As the man later told the police, he could not and cannot figure out the behavior that caused such anger among the motorcyclists.

They tried to open the car

The motorcycle group then followed the vehicle and stopped it. Several men from the biker group damaged the car and tried to open the doors. According to the police, they caused “not inconsiderable damage”.

Drivers in panic

The 27-year-old drove on in panic, knocking over two parked motorbikes and dialing the police emergency number . The officers at the other end of the line heard knocks, shouts and the panicked voice of the driver, who initially did not know where he was.

Chase through the port

What followed was a short chase through the port of Schweinfurt. The aggression of the rockers seemed to know no bounds: When the driver had to stop at a traffic light, a motorcyclist stabbed one of the tires with a sharp object. With the flat tire, the injured party could continue to drive until he finally discovered a patrol car and was able to get to safety.

Shortly after the crime, the main suspect was identified by the police. The rockers came from the Bad Kissingen and Schweinfurt areas. By order of the Schweinfurt public prosecutor’s office, the officers seized the main suspect’s motorcycle.

Police are looking for witnesses

The criminal police are now investigating the two-wheelers, among other things, for attempted dangerous bodily harm and suspected dangerous interference in road traffic. To clear up the exact course of the crime, the police are looking for witnesses who observed the chase between the motorcycle group and the silver Chrysler limousine on Saturday afternoon.

Location: Germany
Source: infranken
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