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One of the pillars of the Hells Angels in the South arrested

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Translated from French

The Quebec Hells Angels who took it easy under the hot sun of the Dominican Republic are under increasingly close police surveillance. One of the founders of the chapter, Aurèle Brouillette, was arrested in the last few days near Puerto Plata.

The 69-year-old is in the crosshairs of national drug and immigration control authorities, according to information obtained by our Bureau of Investigation.

The Dominican chapter is practically an extension of the Trois-Rivières chapter, which included Aurèle Brouillette.         

He was intercepted in the company of a “prospect”, Alexandre Landry, and a relation of the Dominican club, Stéphane Richard. The latter, a 40-year-old man from Sept-Îles, was the subject of an arrest warrant in Quebec for an extortion case. 

One of the arrested men was carrying a weapon and they are subject to checks in connection with their visas in Dominican territory.

Brouillette was released yesterday, but the investigation is ongoing. The Hells Angels are regulars on the island, where they spend most of their time.

Dual citizenship

During Operation SharQc in 2009, he was in the Dominican Republic before surrendering to the authorities.

He has dual citizenship. In 2008, he participated with Steve Rainville in the establishment of the first Hells club on Dominican territory. They achieved this by integrating members of the local Los Barracos group.A photo of the party organized for the ten years of the club in February 2019 in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Photo from Facebook

A photo of the party organized for the ten years of the club in February 2019 in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Le Journal went to Cabarete in 2008 for the inauguration of a red and white bunker similar to those found in Quebec at the time.

Bikers could take advantage of the fact that the local police were completely helpless, even complacent, in their face. They rubbed shoulders with members of the Hells Angels from all over the world without being bothered.

Followed more closely

The situation has changed in recent years with greater collaboration from Canadian authorities, especially the RCMP and the Dominican police.Aurele Brouillette

Photo from Facebook

In February 2019, local police got their hands on Daniel-André Giroux, one of Quebec’s ten most wanted criminals. The Hells is hiding in Santo Domingo, where bikers have a new location after Cabarete.

It must be said that the Dominican Republic is considered as one of the gateways for drugs from South America. It is then sent to the United States, Canada and even Europe.

– With AndreaValeria and Pascal Dugas Bourdon


Aurele Brouillette

Photo from Facebook

  • 69 years old        
  • Co-founder of the Hells chapter in the Dominican Republic        
  • Member of the Trois-Rivières chapter        
  • Has Canadian and Dominican citizenship        
  • Sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison for conspiracy to murder in August 2013        
  • Father of Mario Brouillette, a major player in organized crime                


The Quebec Hells Angels have been living in the Dominican Republic for several years to do business in the sun.

2003 The ex-Evil Ones, Stéphane Maheux, is seen in Berthierville with a jacket of Los Barracos, a Dominican biker gang

2003 to 2009 Several bikers multiply trips to the Dominican Republic, including Aurèle Brouillette, from the Trois-Rivières chapter, who goes there dozens of times

2008 Opening of a first bunker in Cabarete. The Hells club integrates some members of the Los Barracos

2009 Dominican police invade the bunker as part of Operation SharQc

2019 Hells Daniel-André Giroux arrested in Santo Domingo

2021 Aurèle Brouillette and two Hells acquaintances are arrested near Puerto Plata.

Location: Dominican Republic
Source: tvanouvelles
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