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Hells aspirant arrested in Drummondville

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He is suspected of being the head of a coke trafficking ring

Translated from French

A Hells Angels aspirant suspected of being the head of a drug trafficking network in the Drummondville area will remain in custody after being arrested yesterday.

PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK: Steven Collard, pictured in 2017 on his motorcycle.

Steven Collard, who turned 44 on Monday, is considered a “prospect” from the Trois-Rivières bikers chapter.

He will not be able to get in touch with his half-brother, Marc Dubois, 51, who was also arrested in this operation of the Mixed Regional Squad (ERM) of Mauricie, which fights against organized crime.

Collard tried to oppose this condition during his appearance at the Drummonville courthouse, saying it was his “blood brother”, but without success.

Another target is Jessy Ramsay-Koch, 34, who is the son of Montreal Hells member in good standing, Jean-Paul Ramsay.


The other co-defendants in this case are Patrick Ross, 43, Philippe Lemay, 42, Pierre-Benoit Desjardins, 39, and Vincent Douillard, 29. Only the last two on this list were able to get their bail.

The group faces various charges, including gangsterism, conspiracy, drug trafficking and possession of various drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

The arrests come following a series of searches carried out in October 2020, as part of the project called “Tipping”.

“Several pieces of evidence, including narcotics and more than $ 60,000, had been seized,” said the ERM, which comes under the Sûreté du Québec.

“The police intervention targets the upper hierarchical level of a criminal organization particularly involved in the supply and control of the sale of cocaine for the benefit of criminal bikers,” said one in a press release.

Stopped in SharQc

Steven Collard was arrested in the famous SharQc operation in the spring of 2009, for drug trafficking and gangsterism. Two years later, however, he and 30 other defendants were released from all charges when the court ruled that they could not be tried within a reasonable time. Collard is a former flagship of the Evil Ones, a late school club of the Hells, and the Red Devils, the largest supporter of the biker gang in Canada.

Rather rarely, the whole group was able to be charged with the help of a direct indictment, which speeds up court proceedings.

They will be back in court on May 18.

Location: Quebec
Source: journaldequebec
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