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Bikie courier gets jail time despite revenge threat over lost coke

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A Logan man who was transporting 72.5g of pure cocaine within 120g of substance on behalf of outlaw motorcycle gang Bandidos will be required to serve actual jail time.

Justice Peter Callaghan reserved his decision on the sentence of Cornubia man Rhys Alexander Muller, 28, after hearing the facts on Tuesday.

Muller was busted transporting the cocaine during a traffic stop at Shailer Park on June 19 last year.

On Tuesday, the court heard Muller and his family had been subject to frightening retribution by the bikie gang.

His two vehicles had been stolen, his family was threatened and he was bashed, the court was told.

Justice Callaghan commenced his sentence on Friday by telling Muller he would be required to serve actual time in custody.

However, he noted that due to the advocacy of his barrister and the testimony of his mother, the sentence would be lessened.

“I accept that you were drug dependent at the time of the offence,” Justice Callaghan said – the effect being the maximum penalty was downgraded from 25 to 20 years.

He also accepted the extracurial punishment meted out by the bikie gang and the evidence Muller had “turned (his) life around” since being discharged.

Justice Callaghan denounced the conduct of the bikie gang towards Muller.

“Their conduct was wicked,” he told the court.

“But relationships in the drug world are fickle, shallow and dangerous.”

He sentenced Muller to three years’ imprisonment, with parole release on November 3 this year, about a month before the due date of his first-born.

EARLIER: A Logan man who became involved with the Bandidos OMCG was bashed, had two vehicles stolen and his family was threatened after cops seized a large quantity of bikie cocaine he was acting as courier for.

Cornubia man Rhys Alexander Muller, 28, pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme on Monday to possessing 72.5g of pure cocaine within 120g of substance.

Muller was found in possession of the drugs, packaged in such a way that there was an “irresistible inference of commerciality”, in the words of Justice Peter Callaghan, during a traffic stop at Shailer Park on June 19 last year.

Muller was also found in possession of about $900 cash.

Cornubia man Rhys Alexander Muller, 28. Picture: Facebook
Cornubia man Rhys Alexander Muller, 28. Picture: Facebook

The court heard Muller, a drug addict since high-school, causing him to drop out before completing Year 12, was acting as a “courier” on behalf of the Bandidos OMCG, which he had become involved with.

His tearful mother, who took the stand in support of her son, told the court Muller had faced a fearsome retribution from the gang as a result of his losing their cocaine.

He had been bashed, a utility vehicle and motorbike owned by her son had been stolen by the gang, and the family had received threatening phone calls.

“Over the phone Rhys has rung us and told us we had to get out (of the house) now,” she told the court.

“We’ve had police around.

“Bikies have taken his car as payment, we saw motorbike taken away on back of a flat-top.

“Rhys is still getting parking tickets (on his utility), which he owes about $20,000 on.”

She told the court her son had been in and out of home since becoming addicted to drugs, describing the strain it had placed on the family.

“It’s hard living with Rhys when he’s on the drugs, it infects us all,” she told the court.

“We don’t have money so we can’t put him in rehab, you just do the best you can.”

Judge Callaghan retired until Friday to consider the sentence, with the key decision hinging on whether Muller would be required to serve actual time in custody.

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