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Result Proposition of the day: Small majority against banning motorcycle clubs. ‘Not all clubs are criminal’

Published in 1%er News

Translated from Dutch

A member of motorcycle club Satudarah, which has since been banned. ANP

53 percent disagree with the Statement of the day: A ban on motorcycle clubs is a good thing. It is especially felt that you cannot shave all motorcycle clubs together. “No ban on motorcycle clubs, but on motorcycle gangs.”

Moreover, according to the disagree voters, a ban has little effect: “It makes no sense, because these motorcycle clubs will continue to exist, they only go underground. Outwardly they (literally) put on a different jacket and perhaps take a different name. The number of criminal activities will only increase in this way. ”

There are also people who think that a ban goes against all kinds of fundamental rights: “Our constitution states that you are free to form associations and that you decide which clothing you wear. As long as I pay taxes and stick to the rules, I don’t understand why my club should be banned like this. By the way, there are more criminals at the VVD than at the Hell’s Angels. ”

Don’t run over people

The agree-voters are in favor of a ban on motorcycle clubs that turn out to be criminal: “It is the criminal clubs that you should ban. There are many motorcycle clubs that only exist for touring and socializing. There is nothing wrong with that. ”

Or, as someone else says, “You should ride a motorcycle for fun, not to run over people.”

Location: Holland
Source: dvhn