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Halsema: no signals that Satudarah is still active in Amsterdam

Published in 1%er News

Translated from Dutch

Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema says she has no information that the banned motorcycle club Satudarah is still active in Amsterdam in an organized context. She responded to questions from the ChristenUnie in the city council about the massive turnout at the funeral of Satudarah leader Etous Belserang last Tuesday, where many motorcyclists were present. According to Halsema, the Amsterdam police continuously monitors whether and to what extent motorcycle clubs are active.

“We have also been able to see that the funeral attracted a lot of visitors,” said the mayor. “From all over the Netherlands and even from abroad, from quite diverse backgrounds. For example, many supporters of the hard core of Ajax were also present.”

Many of them were dressed in black and yellow, the colors of the motorcycle club. It was reported in advance that it was not allowed to wear the so-called colors (club vests). “They have adhered to that,” said Halsema. “I understand that the colors yellow and black evoke association with the banned organization, but the colors are not prohibited in themselves.”

The triangle of police, municipality and Public Prosecution Service followed the funeral all day from the police station. A large police force was on hand around the funeral home and the cemetery. Additional security measures were also in place. According to Halsema, for example, a preventive search was carried out on the path to the Zorgvlied cemetery. “We also confiscated quite a bit there, which does not alter the fact that people in the area had hidden torches.” A spokesperson said 110 flares and 50 pieces of heavy fireworks were seized.

Belserang, who was a prominent member of Satudarah, reportedly passed away last week at the age of 46 from heart failure.

Last year, the Supreme Court agreed with the decision of the Court of Appeal in The Hague to ban Satudarah. Motorcycle clubs Hells Angels, No Surrender and Caloh Wagoh have now also been banned. The Public Prosecution Service sees the clubs as criminal hotbeds and therefore as a danger to public order.

Location: Amsterdam
Source: nieuws