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Montreal police arrest suspected drug traffickers linked to Hells Angels

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Dubbed Operation Renewal, police seized 20 kilograms of cocaine with a current value of $1.4 million, plus other drugs and firearms.

Montreal police said organized crime investigators on Wednesday morning arrested 11 people suspected of belonging to a drug trafficking ring linked to the Hells Angels.

Following a large-scale investigation that lasted several months, the arrests and searches were carried out in several Montreal suburbs, in Gaspésie and the Bas-Saint-Laurent, police said. Multiple police forces, including the Sûreté du Québec, teamed up on the file.

Dubbed Operation Renewal, the police strike led to the seizure of 20 kilograms of cocaine with a current value of $1.4 million, 218,000 methamphetamine tablets, and various amounts of Xanax, mescaline and other narcotics. Two firearms, other prohibited weapons, ammunition and bulletproof vests were also seized, along with about $800,000 in cash.

The apprehended suspects will appear on various counts relating to drug trafficking and possession of weapons, police said.

Anyone with information regarding drug trafficking can communicate anonymously and confidentially with Info-Crime Montreal at (514) 393-1133 or via the report form available on the website.

Location: Canada
Source: montrealgazette
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