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MC Hardliners reported: ‘Misleading that we are being put away as a gang’

Published in 1%er News

Google translated from Dutch

Motorcycle club MC Hardliners does not agree with the picture painted in the report Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. It speaks of ‘a gang of considerable size’, but lawyer from the motorcycle club Remco Kint says that the club members find this ‘tendentious’.

Facebook MC Hardliners
Facebook MC Hardliners

The report, about which NH Nieuws published a story this morning , shows that the motorcycle club MC Hardliners has grown considerably in the past year and that the police currently has ninety club members in the picture. 

The report also states that there is an increase in the number of members of MC Hardliners who are or have been suspects in a criminal investigation. At the moment there are 31. Members ‘behave like an OMG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, ed.) and emphatically provoke both other motorcycle gangs and the government’, is the conclusion. 

In April, five North Holland Hardliners were sentenced to prison for extortion and kidnapping of a man from Opmeer. The man allegedly raped a niece of one of the members. 

Proper research

Lawyer Kint wants to emphasize on behalf of MC Hardliners that they are a strong proponent of thorough criminal investigation into criminal behaviour.

“Therefore, Hardliners MC would like to hear from the authorities immediately as soon as there is any undesirable behavior that is in any way linked to the MC, as one does not wish to be associated with it in any way.”

Location: Holland
Source: nhnieuws
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12 days ago

Postman, NO quarrel with this translation. However? Translations in the past left a buncha shit lacking

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