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OM starts prosecution Enschede Motorclub Darahbaru: “It is a criminal gang”

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MC Darahbaru is a continuation of MC Satudarah, says the Public Prosecution Service (Photo: RTV Oost)

The Public Prosecution Service has focused on the Enschede motorcycle club Darahbaru. This week, the parties were diametrically opposed in the Almelo court. Justice knows for sure: Darahbaru is a continuation of the now banned club MC Satudarah. “It’s a criminal gang, that scares people.”

Central question of this week’s lawsuit: do Darahbaru’s leather vests show the appearance of Satudarah, and is that punishable?

It seems to be the start of a series of lawsuits against members of the club, in order to build a sizeable file. In this way, the judiciary also proceeded to have Satudarah banned. For this article, RTV Oost was given access to confidential police data. Club members want to propagate: we live along the border. Prosecutor

Yellow black

Last spring, bikers from Darahbaru were arrested in Enschede on two different occasions . At the time, they were wearing vests that from a distance closely resembled those of the banned club Satudarah. Officers asked the motorcyclists to take off their vests, but they refused. At the detention complex in Borne, agents were told: “You will have to take it off, because I don’t do that myself.”

Their lawyer, Umut Ural, took up the gauntlet and demanded the vests back. “If you are not allowed to wear yellow-black, how should you do that with football shirts from Vitesse and shopping bags from a well-known supermarket?” The court ruled in favor of the bikers and had the vests returned.

“Satudarah is very much alive”

Now the Public Prosecution Service has gone a step further. Because they took the three motorcyclists to court for wearing vests with the outward appearance of the banned Satudarah. “If it’s big and gray, with a trunk and floppy ears, it’ll be an elephant,” the prosecutor said. “They want to show by wearing these clothes that the ideas of Satudarah are still very much alive.”

If you look quickly, you could indeed be mistaken. The club’s name, logo and lineage bar are all made with the same colours. “And not coincidentally, just like with Satudarah, the Moluccan language is used,” says the OM. “Darahbaru means ‘new blood’ and that is a continuation of Satudarah which means ‘one blood’.” Also read: Research into new motorcycle club Darahbaru Enschede


The bar under the logo, containing the text ‘Maluku’, also indicates the continuation of Satudarah, according to the judiciary. “It has the same shape, the same color and they use the same patches. All with one goal, to show: we live along the border. In addition, many former members of Satudarah have switched to Darahbaru.” It is difficult to deny that the bikers who have been sued were previously members of the banned club. One of them has several tattoos that refer to ‘Satu’.

According to lawyer Ural, there are too many differences between the vests of Darahbaru and Satudarah to lump the clubs together. “So many different logos. At Satudarah there is a double Indian head, at Darahbaru it is a skull. In addition, the 1% sign is missing at Darahbaru and the skull shows a bleeding logo of the municipality of Enschede.”

“Darabaru was also established before Satudarah was banned,” says Ural. “So how can it be a continuation? Furthermore, when it was founded, Darahbaru said it wants to be a different type of motorcycle club.”

Photo from confidential police report about Darahbaru (Photo: RTV Oost)

robber chief

A confidential police report available to RTV Oost shows that even for officers it is not always clear whether Darahbaru is affiliated with Satudarah. For example, Amsterdam agents wrote last May 15: “We reporting officers saw that a group of motorcyclists wore colors that were very similar to the colors of Satudarah.”

That day, the officers see a group of bikers from Darahbaru in the parking lot of a gas station near Muiden. “We saw that the text M-East was on the front and that there were different flags per person on their colors on the front. We saw that this was, among other things, a German and Dutch flag.”

Agents approach the group and ask who the “road captain or robber chief” is. Two men who have not identified themselves say they are on their way to a funeral. “At that time, it was not clear whether Darahbaru was a banned OMG (outlaw motor gang). Although it was clear that they could be affiliated with Satudarah, because Maluku was on the back of the vests.”

Etou’s Belserang

The group is followed to a retirement center in Holendrecht. After an investigation at the center and a funeral director, it appears that the group of bikers will accompany a deceased. It concerns the father-in-law of the now deceased Satudarah frontman Etou’s Belserang. At the funeral home, the license plates of all motorcycles that were taken along are noted.

It is not the only time that black and yellow bikers accompany a funeral. Also two weeks ago, hundreds of motorcycle club members were present to say goodbye to the aforementioned Belserang. “They wanted to show respect to the great leader,” said the prosecutor. “Satudarah turned out to be very much alive.”

It is true that many bikers have also traveled from Twente to Amsterdam to attend the funeral. RTV Oost has spoken to several motormen who have been there: “Enormously impressive.”

According to lawyer Ural, it says nothing that members of Darahbaru have been to a funeral. “If you can’t even say goodbye to someone anymore…. this is completely arbitrary.”

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Hundreds of 'motorcycle men' came to pay their last respects to Satudarah frontman Etou's Belserang (Photo: ANP)
Hundreds of ‘motorcycle men’ came to pay their last respects to Satudarah frontman Etou’s Belserang

witch hunt

Club members themselves also say RTV Oost that they are being terrorized. “You can’t even have a car in your name. You get stopped every few hundred meters and your car is searched again. They then look for hidden spaces and stuff. It’s a witch hunt.”

Back to the principle case of the Public Prosecution Service. He demanded a fine of 500 euros for every time the motorcycle club members showed their vest. The court immediately rendered a decision. “The court recognizes that there are many similarities between the vests, the Moluccan language is used on both. But there are more differences than similarities. The logos do not resemble each other.” All three bikers have been acquitted.

It is clear this week that it ended well for the club members. After the court ruling, Darahbaru’s vests can suddenly be seen all over the city. The club is said to have hundreds of members

Location: Holland
Writer: Tom Meerbeek
Source: rtvoost