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Bandidos versus Hells Angels and Broncos – dispute has consequences

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In 2019 there was a wild brawl between members of motorbike clubs in Belp BE, which also resulted in shots. Charges are now being brought against 22 of the 34 arrested.

A good two years after a wild dispute between members of motorcycle clubs, the Bern-Mittelland regional public prosecutor’s office has completed the investigation into the incident in Belp BE. 22 people are charged together.

As the public prosecutor and the Bern canton police announced, all the accused are charged with having participated in a brawl. Therefore, based on the principle of unity of procedure, there is a joint indictment.

Two of the twenty-two accused are also accused of attempted homicide and possibly serious bodily harm. One of them, a now 37-year-old man, has been in early prison since October 2020. The police and the public prosecutor’s office accuse him of using a firearm in the course of the conflict. He is said to have seriously injured a man.

The accused will have to appear before the regional court in Bern-Mittelland. According to reports from the police and the public prosecutor’s office in May 2019, several people were injured in the dispute; three of them difficult. The police seized several weapons.

The police stopped 34 people at the time. The proceedings against ten people were discontinued because the suspicion of participating in the brawl could not be sufficiently substantiated. As the information officer of the Bern public prosecutor’s office, Christof Scheurer, said, no proceedings were opened against two people who were arrested at the time because of insufficient suspicion.

Bandidos wanted to open a club

According to Scheurer, the dispute arose because the “Bandidos” motorcycle club, which was not officially represented in Switzerland, wanted to open a club in Belp; the first in Switzerland. There the Bandidos celebrated a birthday party on a Saturday evening in May 2019.

Two other motorcycle clubs, the Hells Angels and the Broncos, got wind of these intentions. For them, the planned opening of the restaurant was a provocation, said Scheurer. This also applies to the fact that the Bandidos would have worn their robes labeled “Bandidos” in public.

Hells Angels and Broncos decided to carry out an “unannounced intimidation attempt” in Belp, Scheurer said. However, the Bandidos heard of the planned appearance of the Hells Angels and Broncos and armed themselves.

The prosecution does not say which club the two men belong to, which club is charged with attempted homicide or possibly serious bodily harm. According to Scheurer, however, they belong to the same club.

Location: Switzerland
Source: bluewin