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Years in prison and fines for Bandidos members

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The court in Limburg has today sentenced twelve members of the Sittard branch of motorcycle club Bandidos to years in prison for participating in a criminal organization. President Harrie R. received the lowest sentence at 14 months.

According to the judge, the club was guilty of open violence and threats, in particular against motorcycle club Hells Angels and affiliated clubs. According to the judge, Chapter Sittard of Bandidos wanted to be the only motorcycle club in the area and did not shy away from violence to achieve that goal.

In addition to his role at the club, leader R. was also convicted for a fight in Sittard in 2015. Another leader, Marco H., was sentenced to 35 months in prison for, among other things, attempted manslaughter in the same fight.

Pay back tons

In addition to the prison sentence, some of the convicts must also repay amounts of up to 212,000 euros to the state.

The sentences are slightly lower because the judge has taken into account the fact that the case has been going on for six years. The motorcycle club was mainly active between 2010 and mid-2015, 1Limburg writes .

The Public Prosecution Service previously demanded sentences against 25 people who were members of the club or have connections with it. Thirteen of them were acquitted because there is no evidence that they took part in fights or other forms of violence.

Location: Holland
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