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“Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Bonn” area was the club’s property

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Google translated from German

The former club area of ​​the forbidden ” Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Bonn” was allowed to be secured as part of the club’s assets after a ruling by the Koblenz Administrative Court. The court announced on Friday that the area was not in the private property of third parties. An appeal against the decision can be applied for by the Higher Administrative Court of Rhineland-Palatinate (Az. 3 K 15 / 21.KO).

According to the administrative court, the property on which the clubhouse was located was the center of the club’s activity. For example, there was a typical sign with the words “Welcome to hell” above the driveway. And the shareholders of the company registered as the owner in the land register were members of the association. “A separate economic purpose of the owner company, which went beyond the transfer of the property to the association, could not be determined”, the court decided.

Location: Germany
Source: zeit
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