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The police chief about the fight against the motorcycle gangs

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Hells Angels is a criminal organization, and I have a hard time accepting that they can live in the municipality and hang up a sign. There you have my attitude.

This is what Kungsbacka’s local police chief Krister Adolfsson says about Red Devil’s farm outside Frillesås.

On Friday, Norra Halland was able to tell that the building permit department demands that Hells Angels supporter club Red Devils evacuate their fenced yard outside Frillesås. The club has been there for 25 years, but it now turns out that there is no building permit. Despite repeated allegations over the past year, no complete application has been received.

The whole thing was discovered after the police after an alcohol and drug raid on the farm in the summer of 2019 made a report of black construction. Then it only applied to the high fence, but an examination thus showed more serious problems.

More methods

Using all possible methods to make life difficult for criminals is nothing new.

– Cooperation with other authorities when it comes to criminal groups is close to my heart, says Krister Adolfsson.

– It is not always the prosecution of members that is the most effective, without going for their money and belongings.

For example, the building permit method was used against Bandidos in Halmstad, where Krister Adolfsson previously worked, and that club has now left the municipality.

Is the Red Devils a problem for Kungsbacka residents?

– No, it probably is not, and I do not point to the individuals. But Hells Angels is part of a criminal organization that markets itself by standing by the side of the law. It is not a football club…

– And the Red Devils do not shy away from their connection to the red and white environment. When we did traffic control this summer during their party, both national and international Hells Angels members participated. I have a hard time accepting that they can live in the municipality and hang up a sign. There you have my attitude.

Do you know who is staying on the farm?

– I do not want to comment on that question. Of course, we have an interest in knowing who participates in their events. But I do not see this as a local association, I can probably say that. Then what the Red Devils, and say in extension Hells Angels, have for the purpose of the venue, I can not say about.

Is there a coordinated intelligence work in Region West around motorcycle gangs?

– Yes, but there is also a local intelligence network. I do not let go of how it is organized.

In the building permit department, the matter is unusual, admits building permit manager Hanna Ståhl.

– It is clear that it is especially when it is the police who report, I have not been with that before. But regardless of that, we relate to the legislation we have to work with, and have not dealt with it in any other way.

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