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Stop Black Painting Red Devils

Google translated from Swedish

Kungsbacka’s police chief hopes in every way to get rid of Hell’s Angels supporters in Frillesås. But the Sweden Democrats’ council member Tommy Bech believes that the police should talk to the Red Devils instead.

– They only have parties in their premises, like any other association.

Red Devil’s facility outside Frillesås is a black building, according to the municipality’s building permit investigation. Now it could be a question of a fine if the motorcycle club does not move.

In two articles, Norra Halland has told about the building permit conflict between the municipality and the HA supporters Red Devils outside Frillesås. The farm does not have a permit for a meeting room, serving and overnight accommodation, and must be vacated if not all paperwork is fixed.

Kristings Adolfsson, head of the local area police in Kungsbacka, is satisfied and believes that all ways that can get Hells Angels out of the municipality are good.

– The Red Devils do not shy away from their connection to the red and white environment. When we did traffic control this summer during their party, both national and international Hells Angels members participated. I have a hard time accepting that they can live in the municipality and hang up a sign. There you have my attitude, said Krister Adolfsson on Tuesday.

Better with dialogue

But Sweden Democrat Tommy Bech does not agree. In a comment on Facebook, he wrote:

“Here we have someone who did not understand that it is possible to have a dialogue with the motorcycle people, better to concentrate on the advanced crime in Kungsbacka instead.”

Tommy Bech, Sweden Democrats.

According to the police’s national operational department, NOA, Hells Angels meets all 11 of the EU’s criteria for organized crime. So what does Tommy Bech really mean?

– We have a rising trend when it comes to drug crimes, assault and burglary. That’s what I mean.

Statistics for the past three years show that drug crime and burglary are at the same level, abuse of men is stagnant while abuse of women in the home has increased during the pandemic. Theft and robbery decrease.

– Well, but it is among the young people it is increasing and they do not report it. There are plenty of drugs at the parties. This police chief has apparently hunted Hells Angels in Halmstad as well, I do not understand.

You do not think HA is a criminal organization?

– It was a little crazy written. But the Red Devils do not disturb their neighbors, they are not out beating people in Kungsbacka, they only have parties like any other association.

No difference between their parties and local parties?

– No not really.

You’re critical of the Chief of Police?

– Yes, the police can talk to them instead of painting them black. They do not bother, would we be afraid of them when they come? There are gangs that are much worse.

Nor does a cocaine addict disturb neighbors. Calls there too?

– No, it’s not the same thing. The police never find anything in the Red Devils when they strike.

You are also a judge and judge. How do you view motorcycle crime?

– In court, it’s only about whether you have broken the law or not, it does not matter if you belong to Hells Angels. If you are guilty, you should be convicted, period.

SD has profiled itself against crime and for the police. How does it rhyme with your critique?

– I do not want to answer that.