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Bandidos receive damages after police raid

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Google translated from Swedish

A front door to the motorcycle club Bandido’s clubhouse broke in connection with a police raid in early June. The club now receives SEK 920 in compensation for the injuries.

On Monday morning, June 7, the police raided Bandido’s premises on Planteringsvägen in Helsingborg.

At the same time, the police raided several other places within the framework of the international operation Trojan Shield.

According to the motorcycle club’s legal representative, the police did not make any seizures during the house search at Miatorp.

Required just over SEK 6,000

On the other hand, both a camera box and a lock case in a front door were destroyed, according to the compensation claim of a total of SEK 6,170 that the representative directed at the police.

The police’s legal department has now granted compensation for the destroyed door, corresponding to SEK 920. However, the club does not receive any money for the destroyed camera box.

Location: Sweden
Source: svt
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