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Flip-flops rockers in court

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Google translated from German

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Ilhan K. has to appear in court on Tuesday for attempted manslaughter

He wears flip-flops and smiles friendly at the camera. In the photo he looks like a harmless guy who has just come back from vacation. But Ilhan K. (40) is a rocker.

As a member of the Hells Angels, he is said to have shot a man in Cologne three years ago and seriously injured him.

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The lower part of the photo shows: The rocker likes to wear flip-flops

It is November 3, 2018. A brutal territorial dispute is raging between the Hells Angels and warring Kurds. In the middle of the night, shots whipped through the air in front of a café in Cologne-Ostheim.

Scenes like in the Wild West …

The Kurds are said to have appeared in front of the rocker’s café. They should have opened fire immediately. Projectiles hit the legs of two Hells Angels members. The rockers shoot back. A bullet hits the liver of a Kurd. The man is seriously injured and has to go to a clinic immediately.

Teaser picture
In 2018 there was a shootout in Ostheim in which three people were injured. This motorcycle was left at the scene of the crime Photo: Mirko Wolf

The police are investigating. The suspicion that Ilhan K. was the shooter was confirmed by the officials. The rocker first fled to Turkey. But two years later he returned to Germany.

On Tuesday he had to answer for attempted manslaughter before the Cologne district court.

For his defense lawyer Jan Victor Khatib it is certain that his client did not fire the shots at the opponents. “The public prosecutor’s hypothesis will collapse like a house of cards,” the lawyer is convinced.

Location: Germany
Source: bild
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