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Former rock boss from Lünen founds a new club in Werne

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The members of the rocker club “No surrender MC Nation chapter Lake City” want to distance themselves clearly from violence and crime.

A new rock club has been founded in Werne. He wants to draw clear boundaries to the criminal activities of other clubs. We spoke to founder Marco Dovsek about the background.

Drugs, prostitution, violence – that’s what rocker clubs have made the headlines with over and over again in recent years. In mid-July, the rocker group Bandidos was banned in North Rhine-Westphalia. A group has now been founded in Werne which, according to its own statement, wants to distance itself clearly from other rocker clubs.

This is the so-called “Chapter Lake City”, an offshoot of the motorcycle club “No surrender MC Nation”. Not to be confused with the club “No Surrender Holland”, as Chapter co-founder Marco Dovsek (50) emphasizes.

He and the other members of the chapter want to distance themselves clearly from violence and drug excesses. And Dovsek knows what he’s talking about. He is not a blank slate himself. He was a pimp, bodybuilder and had various appearances on reality shows. Above all, however, he was president of the “La Honra” club in Lünen, which was affiliated with another rocker club. At that time, Dovsek got into the scene indirectly, as he relates today. “I had to get involved in their business”, explains Dovsek.

The whole thing ended in 2012. Dovsek was arrested on a drug trip from the Netherlands, several kilograms of weed and cocaine were seized. In court he was sentenced to seven years in prison. He puts it this way today: “I was a pawn sacrifice. As president, I had to hold out my head. He spent part of his sentence in therapy, and was returned to custody in 2017. He was finally released in May 2020. The question remains: After such bad experiences, why do you join a rock club again?

Marco Dovsek hat viel hinter sich. Nun will er neu starten.
Marco Dovsek has a lot behind him. Now he wants to start again.

The rocker clubs are actually about the passion for motorcycling, about brotherhood, having fun together, Dovsek explains his motives. Many of the members also had bad experiences in other clubs. “These are all people who are fed up with criminal activities.”

Many would have lost their driver’s license. “The aim is that we all have our driver’s license and a moped again in the next season and can go on tour with the family.” The 50-year-old is now a family man, lives with his wife and two stepchildren, but is also the father of three children himself.

“Guys at the door who threatened us”

The 15 members of the chapter want to have their peace and quiet, no more threats. But it doesn’t seem that simple. “There were recently three guys in front of our door and threatened us.” Dovsek thinks this is an absurdity. “Actually it is the first law with the rockers that you don’t do something that you stand in front of the door of the family and make threats.”

He says: “Crime isn’t really one of the rocker clubs. The origins have nothing to do with guns, drugs and prostitution. A biker doesn’t need a gun. For what? Dovsek is, as he says, clean. “Since 2012 I have consistently done drug tests and therapy. I stayed clean.

The problem is that over the years more and more criminals have done their business under the protection of the clubs. “Today it doesn’t have much to do with motorcycling.” A problem, because: “Every club is now associated with crime.” Many would no longer dare to drive in a cowl.