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Hells Angels affiliated motorcycle club must leave clubhouse within two weeks

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Google translated from Dutch

A motorcycle at the former clubhouse of the Hells Angels in Amsterdam

A motorcycle club from Heiloo must vacate its clubhouse within 14 days. The motorcycle club may be regarded as a chapter of the banned motorcycle club Hells Angels (HAMC), says the Noord-Holland court. In addition, the use of the clubhouse is illegal.

Motorclub CMC has rented 350 square meters of land from the municipality since 1990. Over the years, a clubhouse was built with the consent of the municipality, but in October 2019 the municipality canceled the lease. An administrative report had revealed that CMC was part of the Hells Angels.

The use of the clubhouse was therefore a serious violation of public order, the mayor concluded. With the termination of the lease for the land, the right to have a clubhouse there also lapsed. In December 2019, the municipality closed. CMC refused to vacate the property and the municipality therefore went to court.

Heiloose Auto and Motorcycle Club

The court has now ruled in favor of the municipality. The motorcycle club’s response that it has nothing to do with the Hells Angels was not convincing. On the roof of the clubhouse was the abbreviation ‘HAMC’.

According to the club, this stands for Heiloose Auto and Motor Club. The Subdistrict Court does not find that credible, also because the Hells Angels logo was applied to a wall.

CMC demanded a compensation of 400,000 euros for the clubhouse. That claim has been rejected.

Location: Amsterdam
Source: nos
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