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Joint police operation targeting biker gangs in Eastern Ontario comes to an end

Published in 1%er News

It’s been almost five months since a joint police operation targeting outlaw biker gangs in the region wrapped up.

Kingston and Ontario Provincial Police launched “Project Stokes” in the fall of 2020.

The investigation was culminated with police raids in the past spring at two homes in Kingston, and an outlaws motorcycle clubhouse in Wilton, Ont.

“There was a time when Kingston maybe didn’t have as strong a presence of outlaw motorcycle gangs as they do now, however we have noticed there’s been a gradual increase in the number of motorcycle gang members,” said OPP Detective Staff Sergeant Scott Wade, of the Biker Enforcement Unit (BEU.)

Wade says most of that growth has been in support clubs associated with the three largest biker clubs in Ontario the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Bacchus Motorcycle Club.

“There’s dozens of them and I wouldn’t go through naming them all, but obviously the red devils motorcycle club is a very strong support club to the Hells Angels and the Black Pistons is a very strong support club to the outlaws,” Wade said.

Motorcycle gangs are involved in just about every form of crime imaginable, according to Wade.

“The highest level white collar frauds, drug importation and trafficking obviously human trafficking anything that can make a dollar.”

As was evidenced near the end of April this year when provincial police and Kingston police executed search warrants at an outlaws motorcycle clubhouse in Wilton and two homes in Kingston seizing fentanyl, cocaine, weapons and cash.

Police say at the time outlaws wrote in an e-mail they were “in shock,” and said no members were arrested. They also said the weapons, drugs and cash seized by police did not come from the clubhouse.

Though the clubhouse is believed to be closed in Wilton, police say a chapter of the outlaws remains active in Kingston.

Location: Canada
Writer: Darryn Davis
Source: globalnews
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