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Hell’s Angels loyal restaurant king leaves the restaurant assignments

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Google translated from Swedish

Already on the same day as GT revealed the restaurateur and motorcycle president Danijel Reljanovic strong ties to Hells Angels, he left the boards of all his restaurant companies.

But he firmly denies that this would mean an end to his involvement in the restaurant and restaurant industry.

– We will find our way, says Daniel Reljanovic who still fronts the franchise chain Bulls Eye Saloon.

At the same time, both Karlskoga and Skövde municipalities are now investigating alcohol licenses.

It was at the end of last week that GT was able to reveal one of Western Sweden’s hidden great restaurateurs’ strong ties to Hells Angels. 

While running five companies with interests in as many restaurants, he proudly wears the Hells Angels loyalty badge – Diamond patch – on his chest.

And the motorcycle club of which he is president, Cults MC, is described by the police as part of a “criminal network”, and as “a subgroup of the Hells Angels”. 

President with connection to HA

– We have found that this approach to Hells Angels coincided with the fact that he who is president had connections to the red and white sphere, he is friends with them, said the municipal police in Lidköping, Anders Johansson.

In the municipalities of Karlskoga and Skövde, the local alcohol officers acted quickly. 

They have each initiated their investigation into the alcohol licenses for Bulls Eye Saloon Karlskoga and Suave in Skövde, based on information about Danijel Reljanovic’s links to organized crime, as it is called in Karlskoga municipality’s documents. 

– To have a serving license, you must be personally suitable if you have a significant influence over the company, says Linda Larsson Torri, alcohol administrator in Karlskoga and Storfors municipalities.

– A supervisory investigation has been initiated and he was removed immediately, says Christina Forsblad Hellman, alcohol administrator in Skövde municipality.

While the municipality of Lidköping, where Reljanovic restaurants Italia Della Nonna and Bulls Eye Saloon are located across the street from the town hall, announces that they are awaiting a dialogue with the police before deciding whether to initiate an investigation or not.

There were investigations

In Strömstad, a Bulls Eye Saloon is operated on a franchise agreement.

At the same time, Daniel Reljanovic appeared in the investigations and immediately left all his board assignments in the companies that are important for alcohol licenses.

In several cases, a close relative of his now takes over the board positions.

– It was for safety’s sake, says Daniel Reljanovic and describes the ongoing investigations as ridiculous.

Does that mean you chose between the pub industry and the support and loyalty to Hells Angels?

– No absolutely not. It’s a completely financial issue, so you do not lose money for being stubborn as well. 

“Showed extra loyalty”

But you still have the franchise business and are the contact person for it?

– Yes, we will drive as much as possible. We will find our ways.

The badge that the members of Cults MC wear over their chest is a red square placed upright and with the words “Support 81 Sweden” .

According to a report from the police’s central intelligence agency NOA, the badge is handed out by Hells Angels to individuals and other motorcycle clubs “who have shown extra loyalty or otherwise stood up for the organization”.

Asked if Daniel Reljanovic wears the brand with pride, he said last week:

Reljanovic: “A trust”

– Yes, I do, absolutely. It’s a trust, I’m not going to stick it under a chair.

Daniel Reljanovic has also admitted that he has several close friends who are members of Hells Angels and that he was involved in welcoming one of the organization’s most punished members out of prison this spring.

However, he says that the police’s description of Cults MC as part of a criminal network, and as a formal subgroup of Hells Angels, is completely new to him.

And he thinks the description is wrong.

But the brand itself has a meaning, it is a step you take in wearing the brand.

– I do not leave any comments on that.

According to Christina Forsblad Hellman, alcohol administrator in Skövde municipality, she would probably have submitted a request for a revoked alcohol permit if no changes had been made to the board and ownership.

She refers to a more than ten-year-old guiding judgment against two Gothenburg restaurants, Razzia and Respekt, which lost their licenses after one of the board members, among other things, had been revealed to have ties to Bandido’s then president in Gothenburg. 

These were less formal contacts. The board member was not a member of any Bandidos-affiliated organization, but police scouts had, among other things, seen him in the front seat of the Bandidos leader’s car.

Location: Sweden
Source: expressen
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