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Hells Angels takes over new Danish city

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Google translated from Danish

The rock group Hells Angels has taken over a new area.

The rock group Hells Angels has moved into the area Ved Klædebo in Hørsholm.

The chairman of the Safety Committee in Hørsholm Municipality Jan H. Klit (K) could after a conversation with Mayor Morten Slotved (K) confirm to  Frederiksborg Amts Avis that Hells Angels has now taken over another Danish city – this time an area By Klædebo in Hørsholm .

“The mayor confirms that Hells Angels has moved into Hørsholm. The police have stated this, and we are certainly not happy about that,” Jan H. Klit told Frederiksborg Amts Avis.

The rock group has already received the attention of the North Zealand Police, who keep an eye on both them and the area around Klædebro, Morten Pedersen from the North Zealand Police’s investigation department tells the media. 

“We have received reports that Hells Angels are on their way into Hørsholm and we are following the development. Right now we are investigating how Hells Angels is establishing itself, and in this connection we have patrols in the area that collect intelligence,” it comes from Morten Pedersen.

However, it is not known whether this is a new clubhouse or other type of activity in the business area. But according to Frederiksborg Amts Avis, which was past the aforementioned area, reports in this connection that there were no visible traces that Hells Angels had come to the city. 

However, the police are already aware of the area, as it was the same area where luxury cars were burned for millions of Danish kroner in January.

Location: Denmark
Source: nyheder24
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