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The crazy wretched appearance of the piece rocker

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He is hiding in Iran and complaining about the harshness of the police

Google translated from German

Claims that he is "on vacation" and not on the run: Ramin Yektaparast in his confused video
Claims that he is “on vacation” and not on the run: Ramin Yektaparast in his confused video

He falters, gets tangled, looks at his notes every few seconds. The sentences are complicated and peppered with legal technical terms, presumably formulated by a lawyer. We are not talking about a primary school pupil giving his first presentation to the class, but about an internationally wanted criminal: Ramin Yektaparast.

The 33-year-old Stückel rocker has contacted Tehran again via social media. For the Duisburg investigators, Yektaparast is the main suspect in the murder of a rocker. The officials are certain that the former Hells Angels president of the Oberhausen charter “Hellgate” shot his rocker friend Kai M. (32) in 2014 because he thought he was an informant. Parts of the dismembered body were later found in the Rhine (BILD reported). Before he could be arrested, the rocker pulled away and went into hiding.

In a 15:44 minute clip, the 33-year-old described his confused view of things – and in this version he is not a fugitive criminal, but a political victim with whom one wants to “campaign”. But read for yourself …

Escape? Yektaparast doesn’t want to know anything about that. He is currently “on vacation, which I have combined with business activities”.

However, the 33-year-old does not seem to have any plans to return from his “vacation”. According to BILD information, the investigators know for sure that he admitted to accomplices that he was not going back to Germany.

Yektaparast: “Even the proceedings against me for murder, or attempted murder, did not induce me to flee. Because I have known these procedures for many years. Even then, several measures were taken against me. “

After the 2014 murder, information from informants led to the Oberhausen Hells Angels President at an early stage. A special task force overwhelmed him just a few months after finding Kai M.’s torso in his apartment – but the evidence was not enough at the time, he was released again.

Yektaparast repeatedly complains about what he sees as unjust media coverage – and is surprised that BILD is so well informed.

Location: Germany
Source: bild
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