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Tarbes: the aggressor still on the run

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The investigation is ongoing after the fatal brawl that occurred on Saturday afternoon on the sidelines of the American Salon, at the Parc des Expositions de Tarbes. Authors are still actively sought. The injured are out of danger.

Heavy atmosphere yesterday morning at the Tarbes Expos park the day after the brawl during which a 52-year-old Seméacais succumbed to injuries to the abdomen caused by a bladed weapon. Saturday afternoon, around 3 p.m., while the show dedicated to American culture was in full swing, a violent fight broke out between dozens of bikers. We mention the presence of bikers belonging to the “Hells Angels”, and other affiliated to the “Rebels”. Rivalry between the two groups of bikers could be at the origin of the brawl which arose after several altercations which arose earlier in the day. Did the fight escalate or was the victim specifically targeted? Joseph, aged 52, behind the creation of the local group of Rebels, according to some sources,injuries.He is described as a very tall, hunky person who does not fear anyone. Other people, friends or acquaintances of Jospeph, were also injured in the assault which opposed about twenty people. “There are six declared victims, in addition to the deceased. They are also from the department, apart from one person from Bizanos (64),” said the prosecutor of the Republic of Tarbes, Pierre Aurignac. As for the two seriously injured people, “they are now out of danger,” he said.

Several altercations during the day

On the chain of events, the prosecutor evokes “several altercations that took place during the day on Saturday”. Witnesses spoke of about 20 people involved including the perpetrators who fled. They are still actively sought after. “For the time being, no one has been arrested and the investigation, entrusted to the Tarbes police station and the Toulouse judicial police, is underway,” Pierre Aurignac said yesterday morning. “We have a lot of witnesses that are in the process of hearing but also CCTV cameras to analyze”. One of the witnesses even tried to save the victim by giving him a compression point. “There was blood everywhere. It must have been hit in the liver or in the spleen. The firefighters arrived very quickly and gave him a heart massage, but he died soon after. We are still in shock “, testified another.

The show was interrupted on Saturday evening and, if some exhibitors were able to collect their belongings the same evening, several bikers saw their motorcycles requisitioned for the needs of the investigation. “We left on foot last night,” explained the bikers who arrived at the Parc des Expos on Sunday morning to retrieve their machines. Dismayed motorcycle enthusiasts who deplore the turn of events. “We share the passion for motorcycles, it’s a real family. We were at home, this show has always gone well and now people from outside come to spoil the party. Now, all bikers will be stigmatized”, they testified, pointing to the group of bikers who came, according to the prosecutor, from Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Enough to broaden the field of investigations.

Tattoo artists take refuge in the Showroom

The drama took its toll on the tattoo parlor, one of three events taking place as part of the American saloon.

Several tattooing sessions had to be interrupted in full realization.

A battle was also taking place on the stage of Hall 2 when the demonstration was stopped short shortly after the tragedy.

The tattoo artists and their clients found refuge yesterday at the “Showroom”, in Bordères_sur-l’Echez which has reopened its doors especially.

“Patrick welcomed us on Saturday evening which allowed the tattoo artists to finish their works”, thanked Sofia and Ted, the organizers of the Salon, who deploring the facts, hope “to find the light in this sinister world” .

The brawl that ended in tragedy was at the heart of every conversation.

“Yesterday, we talked a bit about what happened but we must quickly recover. This must not mar this demonstration which has always taken place without incident”, they declared, while welcoming the dialogue with the Parc des Expos management and the mayor following the cancellation of the show.

Location: France
Source: ladepeche
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