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Police chase rocker boss after brutal murder – on Instagram he mocks CDU man

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On the profile picture of the 27-year-old, the emblem of the forbidden Hells Angels chapter could be seen (symbol photo).
Image: dpa On the profile picture of the 27-year-old, the emblem of the forbidden “Hells Angels” chapter could be seen (symbol photo).

Ramin Yektaparast is the ex-president of the Hells Angels. He is currently wanted by the police for murder: He is said to have murdered and dismembered a rocker colleague. Despite many searches, the alleged perpetrator is still on the run and no one knows his exact whereabouts.

He is currently giving the big bugger via Instagram . Sometimes Ramin Yektaparast poses in front of an orange sports car from the Lamborghini brand , sometimes the ex-president of the Oberhausen rock group Hells Angels lets his tattooed muscles flex in the water. Sometimes one of the most wanted murder suspects in North Rhine-Westphalia mocks the German authorities including Interior Minister Herbert Reul from his place of escape in Tehran.

Tenor: The CDU politician lacks the basic legal knowledge for his job, rather Reul goes into “lurid slogans.” calculate. In his last message, the wanted man is confident that the local prosecutors will never get him. Since there is no extradition agreement with Iran, he cannot be convicted.

He’s not entirely wrong about that. So far, the mullah regime in Tehran has rarely delivered criminals to Western authorities. But as the investigating Duisburg prosecutor Jill Anne McCuller reported to FOCUS Online, one still wants to try it. The Federal Foreign Office is currently examining a corresponding application to the Iranian authorities. “The issue here is whether the delinquent is at risk of torture in the event of an extradition request in Iran .” If this is the case, the local judiciary has to back down.

That sounds like a difficult diplomatic matter. About a man who is suspected of having committed numerous capital crimes.

Since the beginning of September, the 33-year-old German-Iranian Yektaparast has been high on the international wanted list of the North Rhine-Westphalian investigators against organized crime (OK). A good two weeks ago, 800 officials and special forces searched the Hells Angels’ club houses in Mönchengladbach, various apartments and offices on the Rhine and Ruhr, as well as a brothel in Duisburg, along with several prison cells of alleged comrades-in-arms of the fugitive rock boss.

Together with other gang colleagues, Ramin Yektaparast is said to have murdered and dismembered a man

In essence, it is about a number of old cases from the high phase of the rocker wars between Hells Angels and the Bandidos in 2013 and 2014, which run in Mönchengladbach and Duisburg. Yektaparast is said to have shot the 32-year-old hell angel Kai M. seven years ago with an accomplice. With the help of another robe bearer, his body is said to have been dismembered and thrown into the Rhine. Months later, walkers found the victim’s arm on the banks of the Rhine. When investigators pulled the murdered man’s torso out of the water, Yektparast soon came under suspicion of murder. For a long time, however, there was no evidence. Until a key witness came forward and a year ago the police led the biker to the skull of the shot biker in the Rhine-Herne Canal.

With the motive it becomes difficult. The prosecutors suspect that the murdered man was a police spy. There were also rumors that he wanted to go over to the Bandidos. An insider claims, however, that Kai M. made advances to the partner of the rocker president. According to the findings, Yektaparast is said to have acquired the so-called “Filthy-Few-Patch” some time after the fatal shot. A sign that only those Hells-Angels are allowed to wear who have already killed an opponent. The counterpart with the Bandidos is called “Coup de Grace”.

Yektaparast grew up in the red light district

Anyone who delves into the crude world of rockers comes across strange terms of honor, violence, pimping, drug and human trafficking – and plenty of intrigue. Ramin Yektaparast is a case in point. He grows up in the Cologne and Leverkusen doorman and red light districts. For his mentor Brahim Z., one of the old Arab pimp guard, he is said to have temporarily acted as managing director of a brothel in Leverkusen. At that time, the two put on the bandidos’ robes. Yektaparast, who as President of the Leverkusen Bandidos Chapter roars through the area with his Harley in 2012, is on the way up.

At that time he is said to have been involved in a knife fight in Mönchengladbach. As is so often the case, there is not enough evidence to convict. The law of silence applies in the gangs: Never talk to the police or journalists! Ramin Yektaparast does not adhere to the omerta. He meets repeatedly with an author and reports from the inner workings of the rocker group. The conversations are reminiscent of a game of cat and mouse. Much is embellished or colored, and the journalist has to make sense of it from fragments.

He denies any allegations – video recordings are too vague to serve as evidence

The rocker also commented on the accusation of the knife attack at the time: on a video from a surveillance camera that the police secured, you can see him with a flashing object in his hand during the night of the fight. The criminal investigation department assumes a knife, but cannot prove it on the basis of the unclear image. No, he wasn’t there in Mönchengladbach, he said at the time. And if so, it would not be anyone’s business.

Two months after the attack in the city on the Lower Rhine, some hellish angels pass Ramin Y. in the “ Cologne- Arcaden” shopping mile and beat him up. “He made the mistake of entering the Angels’ territory,” an informant from the scene later reported to the police. The attack triggers a major alarm among the Bandidos. Hundreds of robes from all corners of the country set off for the Rhine metropolis to stir up the Cologne Angels Chapter. So it goes back and forth.

The contact with Yektaparast is soon broken off. And there is a good reason for that. The German-Iranian already switched sides in 2013. He builds a troop called Hellgate in Oberhausen with the Hells Angels. Some people he raves about a great business model: The colors red and white of the hell angels are to be marketed via merchandising. For this purpose, the business-minded rocker wants to purchase a whole street in order to market the Angels logo in any form – be it through bars, souvenir shops, etc.

At the same time he is said to have intensified the fight against his former brothers with confidants. In November 2013, Yektaparast and his Adlat Mustafa Hemden are planning an assassination attempt on a leading bandido member, according to the prosecutor. They are said to have taken another rocker into their confidence. According to the investigators, the trio lies in wait for the rival at a traffic light. Finally, Engel-Biker Mustafa Hemden is said to have fired a submachine gun at a red light at the target who survived seriously injured. 

The perpetrator is on the run – investigators suspect him in Turkey

It is also fleeting. The local authorities suspect him to be in Turkey , a frequently used refuge for Hells Angel gangsters. The regime in Ankara only rarely extradites suspected serious criminals from the German rocker milieu of Turkish origin. To this day, for example, Erkan Akyol, formerly “Presidente” of the Hells Angels in Cologne, lives undisturbed in Turkey. Six years ago he is said to have shot an Albanian in the Cologne pub “No Name” because the slot machine had stolen from a shisha bar. In the social networks Akyol presents the murder symbol “Few Filthy” on his leather vest. The man apparently comes out as a killer.

His Angels brother Ramin Yektaparast is also trying to create a good mood via social networks. However, his last appearance seems a little wooden. A rhetorically well-versed comedian will probably never turn out to be him. Although the wanted person can be seen from the slip of paper when he targets the German investigative authorities and Minister of the Interior Reul, Yektaparast gets caught up several times. Many of the stilted words are more reminiscent of a lawyer’s treatise than a statement by an alleged murderer.

The accused does not want to comment on the allegations. As a tattoo , the ex-rocker boss, who also has an Iranian passport, had a swastika pierced in time. He once explained to a friend: “Persians and Germans are Aryans.”

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