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The biker who died in the fight in Tarbes was “a real fan of mechanics and motorcycles”

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No arrest this Tuesday in the case of the fatal fight in Tarbes which occurred last Saturday near the exhibition center where the Tarbes American Festival was held. The investigation is continuing. The relatives of the deceased biker pay tribute to a motorcycle enthusiast and especially Harley.

The deadly brawl took place on the sidelines of the Tarbes American Festival on Saturday September 18, 2021
The fatal brawl took place on the sidelines of the Tarbes American Festival on Saturday, September 18, 2021 © Radio France – Marion Aquilina

Three days after the deadly brawl that left one dead and five injured at the Tarbes American Festival last Saturday, no suspect has been arrested. It seems there was a brawl between two rival biker gangs : the Rebels and the Hells Angels. The deceased biker was named Joseph Pontroué, he was 52 years old. Those who knew him speak of a true mechanic and motorcycle enthusiast who came from Azereix, a village near Tarbes where his mother still lives. ” He went to see her regularly even if he no longer lived here ” confides one of his former co-workers.

Joseph Pontroué has long played 2nd line or 3rd center line in rugby at the Ibos club with which he was champion of France, as one of the leaders, Pierre Corbères tells us. Beyond rugby, the Haut-Pyrenees loved mechanics and motorcycles. ” He loved the Harley Davidson ” recalls one of his former colleagues at Danone. 

A former employee of the Danone dairy

Joseph Pontroué worked for 15 years at Danone, in the Gers, at the dairy in Villecomtal-sur-Arros . After that, ” he left to assemble his box “. It is this same colleague who tells us: ” I don’t know what happened at this festival but Joseph was a guy with a big heart, very generous, he must have wanted to defend someone. anyway, I would especially not want people to think he was a thug, it’s just the opposite.

The investigation takes time because there were between 10 and 20 involved in this fight . Around, several dozen people attended the scene. So that’s a lot of people to hear and the investigators want to have as many concordant versions as possible. At the same time, the police come up against a major difficulty: an environment with strong codes including the law of silence. 

For now, according to the first elements of the investigation, the fight took place in a context where the participants were not very alcoholic . However, we do not yet know why it got out of hand. Investigators are continuing the work of viewing the CCTV footage and even though the suspect (s) have not yet been identified, they are sure they can do it.

Location: France
Source: francebleu
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