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Police make arrest after video of brutal gang fight posted online

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Police have made an arrest after a video of a brutal gang brawl in Huntly was circulated on social media.  

The fight between patched Mongrel Mob members broke out on Main Street at about 10am on Friday 10 September police said in a statement. 

By the time police arrived at the fight the group had dispersed. 

The video showed a group of men surrounded by children squaring up on the street, before one man launched a vicious kick into another man’s stomach.

Another two men can be seen jumping into the fight, and one was punched to the ground. He got up only to be beaten down again, then kicked in the face. 

Another man is seen struggling to get up as he was beaten from behind. The video showed a child in a yellow hoody also joining the fight. 

Other children could be heard crying in the background before the video cuts.

Police said a 32-year-old Huntly man appeared in the Huntly District Court on the 21st September to face a charge of fighting in a public place.

Police said violence would not be tolerated in the community and they are continuing to make enquiries to locate others involved, including a 34-year-old Huntly man who is known to police.

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Location: New Zealand
Writer: Mark Longley
Source: newshub