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Hells Angel (33) murder suspect defies German authorities from Iran

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Hells Angel (33) murder suspect defies German authorities from Iran

A prominent member of the Hells Angels in Oberhausen is wanted by German police for a grisly murder of a former club member. He was murdered in 2014 and found cut to pieces in the Rhine near Duisburg. It concerns the German-Iranian Hells Angel Ramin Yektaparast (33), who is hiding in the Iranian capital Tehran.

By Roel Janssen

From Tehran, the ex-president of the Hells Angels in Oberhausen posts provocative photos on Instagram, defying the German authorities. Yektaparast is one of the most wanted murder suspects in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Since there is no extradition treaty with Iran, he cannot be arrested or extradited in the country at the request of the German police and justice.

Red light district

Ramin Yektaparast was born in Mönchengladbach and is a former president of the Cologne Bandidos. From a young age he had a big finger in the pie in the red light district and the doorman scene in Leverkusen. After several quarrels with rival Hells Angels, a bloody confrontation between the Bandidos and the Hells Angels came in 2012 in Mönchengladbach . Several members of the German Hells Angels were attacked by Bandidos members in front of a disco and were stabbed. Of the four injured, one Bandidos member was seriously injured.

Chopped into pieces

Not long after, Ramin Yektaparast switched from the Bandidos to the Hells Angels in Oberhausen, of which he became president. He probably switched because the Bandidos were banned in the North Rhine-Westphalia region in April 2012. In February 2014, Yektaparast was suspected of the murder of club member Kai M., who was considered a spy (undercover agent). M. was murdered and dismembered. His severed tattooed arm was found in the Rhine near Duisburg. Two months later, the hull was also found in the Rhine.

‘Filthy Few’

The suspicion that Yektaparast was involved in this murder was based on the so-called ‘Filthy-Few’ tattoo, which he had put on shortly after Kai M.’s disappearance, and which a Hells Angel should only wear if he has killed someone. Not much later, however, he was released again. According to German media, the fugitive Hells Angel is not only the main suspect in the murder of Kai M. in Duisburg, but he is also suspected of an attempted murder of Bandidos members. He is said to have fired a submachine gun at a car with Bandidos members at least 15 times as he raced down the highway at full speed.


After seven years of investigation into the gruesome murder case, a major police action took place in North Rhine-Westphalia in early September 2021 . At least 20 buildings in Duisburg and Mönchengladbach were searched with hundreds of agents and an armored vehicle. A 42-year-old man and a 34-year-old man were also arrested. The latter was held in his cell; he was already in custody for drug offences.

Despite numerous searches, prime suspect Ramin Yektaparast is still on the run and no one knows exactly where he is in Tehran. One time he poses on Instagram in front of an orange Lamborghini, the other time he is lying with his arms tattooed in a private pool by the sea.


The case is reminiscent of the fugitive Dutch-Iranian criminal Shahin Gheiybe from Rosmalen since 2011 . Gheiybe was sentenced to thirteen years in prison for a double attempted murder and recovery in 2009. He has been on the international wanted list since 2019. Gheiybe has been in the news several times before because he posted various videos and photos of his “carefree life” abroad on his Instagram account . The police know that Gheiybe fled to Iran after his escape with the help of family. He may have stayed in the vicinity of Tehran afterwards.

Location: Germany
Source: crimesite
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