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Motorcycle club Satudarah brought in Trojan horse through collaboration with other clubs

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Google translated from Dutch

Satudarah regrets collaborating with other clubs (Photo: RTV Oost)The leaders of Satudarah say they regret that they have started working together with motorcycle club Trailer Trash Travelers and the club of Henk Kuipers from Emmen. “They have given Satudarah a bad name.” The Enschede founder of Satudarah, nicknamed MiMa, calls Kuipers ‘a snake’

Today the court started a monster trial against the national top of Satudarah. Eleven days have been set aside for the trial. The five suspects are said to have formed a criminal organization that focused on drug and arms trafficking, extortion and money laundering.

Trojan horse

But according to the leaders, with titles such as Kapikane and Malessy, nothing of that image is correct. According to them, they have brought in the Trojan horse by merging with Trailer Trash Travelers and Henk Kuipers’ motorcycle club. “They had their own rules. We had no idea.” According to the club leaders, the entry requirements and training at those two other clubs were much easier. “Everything was allowed.”

Abuses that can be seen in the documentary ‘One Blood’ about Satudarah, were all committed by “TT men and the men from the northeast”, according to the leaders. With TT’ers we mean members of Trailer Trash, and with ‘the men from the north’ Henk Kuipers’ club.

For example, the film opens with a violent scene in which a member is beaten. A member can also be seen with a gun and someone talks freely about murder. “All things from the TT thing.” After the release of the film, Satudarah broke up with Trailer Trash Travelers.


It seems as if the leaders want to shift the blame for criminal activities by club members. According to them, at one point the club had become too big to keep an eye on everything. At its peak, there were about 1,400 members in 40 chapters.

“The fact that it became so big also led to dirty play,” says the Enschede founder MiMa. He says that Henk Kuipers presented a new chapter each time in the northeast of the Netherlands. “Supposedly with twelve members, but almost all of them were extras with a vest.”

According to MiMa, there were in reality only two members, he noticed during a check a few weeks later. “By presenting more chapters, Kuipers got more to say at the board table. That was what it was about. But that man is a snake with dirty games. I don’t like that.” Kuipers subsequently switched to motorcycle club No Surrender.

Council of Eight

Satudarah was founded in 1990 by nine men, mainly with a Moluccan background. MiMa was one of the founders (Malessy), but with Dutch roots. He sympathized with the Moluccan ideas, because he had grown up with those boys. “A motorcycle club seemed cool to us. We copied it a bit from America.”

For the first twenty years, the visor of justice was hardly or not at all focused on the club. Until Satudarah was expelled from the Council of Eight in 2010. It included the eight largest motorcycle clubs, who organized events together and discussed any problems. Satudarah was expelled from the Council because she befriended motorcycle club Bandidos. And that club was at war with the Hells Angels, at that time the largest motorcycle club in the Netherlands.

biker war

“We weren’t allowed to interact with the Bandidos from the Angels,” says MiMa. “But we won’t let that be imposed on us. We talk to whoever we want.” After Satudarah was expelled from the Council of the Eight for this reason, Justice feared a war between the various motorcycle clubs in the Netherlands. Such a biker war had also occurred abroad. Since then, Satudarah has been under the magnifying glass, is the view of the leaders.

But according to them Satudarah is not a criminal group. “There are criminals among our members, unfortunately that is true. But the VVD also has them and there are many more.”

The criminal trial continues next Thursday. The court will then discuss the various allegations made by the police and the judiciary. A case against one of the five leaders has been postponed due to illness of his lawyer.

Location: Netherlands
Writer: Tom Meerbeek
Source: rtvoost