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Satudarah founder gives an insight into the biker world: ‘You received a hard training’

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Visibly upset, he is sitting in the suspect’s bench these weeks, the 56-year-old MiMa from Enschede. Together with fellow board members of motorcycle club Satudarah, he is on trial for forming a criminal organization. “It frustrates me that I have to sit here for this shit.” RTV Oost tells its side of the story.

Satudarah MC was founded in 1990 by nine mainly Moluccan friends, including MiMa. He himself has no Moluccan roots, but knew many boys from the Moluccan neighborhood in Moordrecht. He also got a Moluccan girlfriend, whom he later married.

First MiMa and his friends called the club MC Moordrecht, later renamed Satudarah. That means ‘one blood’ in Indonesian. With this name they refer to history, in search of recognition for the Moluccan community.

“We were a multi-cultural club,” says MiMa. “Our logo therefore consisted of a white and black head. The red in between represents the motorcyclist’s blood. The club is in my blood.”


MiMa is treasurer for the first seven years. The club is still small and consists of 38 people. He is disbarred in 1997. In club terms this is called Bad Standing, or BS. He was suspected of having taken 13,000 guilders from the cash register. “But it was a fake BS,” says MiMa. “Later it turned out that I had not stolen anything at all. That is why they asked me back at the club in 2010, on the recommendation of a dying honorary member.” Then MiMa will receive the honorary title of Malessy as one of the nine founders.The club is in my bloodMalessy MiMa

In the meantime, MiMa lives in various places, including Brazil. “That’s where my ex came from.” He was also detained several times, for assault and on suspicion of involvement in a ‘murder-by-mistake’ in Beckum. “Since then, justice has been on my skin. They want to see me hang. They even said I wanted to kill a prosecutor. But I didn’t even know that whole man.”

Onno Kuut

In the intervening years, MiMa also spent a lot of time with Onno Kuut, an Enschede citizen who was murdered in 2009. “Onno was like a little brother to me.” Kuut belonged to the so-called ‘tattookillers’, a group of alleged hitmen. That group is suspected of having killed their own member Onno. But MiMa is also still one of the suspects. According to the OM, he had a motive, because Kuut would have stolen from him.


When MiMa was asked to return to Satudarah a year later, in 2010, the club had grown enormously. “I knew almost no one. Sometimes I shook hands with a hundred people at a party, but I didn’t know one.” He says he immediately pushed through changes. “I was kicked out of the club myself with a false BS. That was not allowed to happen again.” That is why he set up a so-called ‘court court’.

If in future people were expelled from the club and they themselves did not agree, they could request ‘a court of law’. “There were three club members in court. They were not allowed to have any connection with the person who had requested a judgment, in order to remain objective.”

MiMa said it also instituted the rule to prevent the various chapters from going too easily into a Bad Standing. “Because if you are kicked out of the club, you have to pay a fine. And if a club member has a lot of money, it might be made too easy to say ‘hey, we’re throwing Klaasje out’, you know?”

Until then, the fine will flow to the chapters’ coffers. “But I also wanted that differently. In the future, BS funds would go to the main coffers. Also to prevent chapters from enriching themselves with BS.”

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Satudarah was founded in 1990 by MiMa and 8 friends (Photo: RTV Oost)

biker war

Yet things go wrong shortly after MiMa’s return. Justice focuses more and more on the club. According to Mima, this has two causes. For example, there was a supposed threat of a ‘Bikerwar’ and cooperation was sought with other groups.

For example, there was a so-called ‘Council of Eight’. “It contained the eight largest motorcycle clubs in the Netherlands. There were sometimes issues among themselves and they were then pronounced there. We also wanted to prevent too many motorcycle clubs from coming. Because before you know it, they will be making trouble for everyone.”

Satudarah always sent two delegates to the ‘Council of Eight’. “I’ve often been there myself.” But in 2011 a discord arose. “We had met the Bandidos. They were not on good terms with the Hells Angels, then the largest club in the Netherlands. They forbade us to talk to the Bandidos, but we didn’t want to hear about that. We talk to whom we want.”

After that, Satudarah was expelled from the Council of Eight. “Justice then led everyone to believe that a Bikerwar was imminent, but it wasn’t. The whole story got quite blown up.”

One Blood

But since then there has been virtually no undisturbed meeting or festivity. “There was always a raid by the police.” Club members were also regularly arrested, who were linked to crime. But according to MiMa and his fellow board members, these were mainly members of clubs that joined later.

“The original club is called Satudarah Maluku. Two groups were added, ‘Trailer Trash Travelers’ and the group ‘Holland’ led by Henk Kuipers.” According to the board members of Satudarah who are now on trial, most abuses were found in those groups. “You also see that in the film ‘One Blood’ that was made about Satudarah. In it you see that a number of people crossed the line. But those people almost always belonged to members of Trailer Trash or Kuipers.”

You could say that the original Satudarah top cut itself in the fingers by partnering up with those two clubs. “The TT’ers [Trailer Trash Travelers, ed.] were of a completely different order. They had a completely different management culture, which turned out to be incompatible with us. We were also not welcome when their chapters had a meeting.”Those anonymous witnesses are moronsMalessy MiMa

Caloh Wagoh

According to MiMa, they only wanted the benefits, not the burdens. “They were also able to become a full member within those chapters very quickly. Where you have been in ‘training’ at Maluku for at least 18 months, you could become a full member there after only 3 months.”

According to the Satudarah administrators, some of the TT members later joined Caloh Wagoh. “So bright lights like that. Because everyone has heard of that club, right?” Caloh Wagoh has been in the news in recent years, because several members are said to have formed a kind of murder squad for the alleged Mocro-Mafia leader Ridouan Taghi.

Hardcore training

As a prospective member within Satudarah Maluku you were subjected to training for at least a year and a half. “You received a hard-core hardcore education. Not from the books, but through oral transmission. It was about Moluccan history, among other things. The boys went back to the year 1500.”

There was also ‘taught’ about the founders. “The names of the ‘nine feathers’ were asked, the founding year, what the club stood for, etcetera.” The tests were taken before a real examination board. “You had to abide by the rules. Because any form of disrespect towards your brothers could lead to a bad standing.”


Over the years the main board of ‘Satu’ lost sight of the members. In their own words, the club became ‘just’ too big. “At the peak, we had 1200 to 1500 members in the Netherlands, in forty chapters. Then you don’t know everyone anymore. But we had the hope that there was enough knowledge within the chapters how things should be arranged. But it went off anyway and sometimes wrong.”

This refers, among other things, to a number of incorrectly executed bad standings. For example, expelled members were not only imposed a pre-agreed fine of 5000 euros, but their motorcycles or cars were also stolen more than once. “That is absolutely not according to the rules,” says MiMa. “If I had known about that, I would have taken action.”

Exiled members would even be required to remove their club logo tattoos. Witnesses refer to it as the “cheese slicer method” as they would be taken off with a cheese slicer. “Those are Native American stories,” says Mima.

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Satudarah also had a clubhouse in Enschede (Photo: RTV Oost)

Bad Standings

The bad stadings that the board is accused of by the judiciary often means nothing to the members. “I don’t even know that man,” is a common response in court when the allegations are presented. “Those BSs are not a revenue model. It is just annoying that we lose a brother,” says MiMa. He himself has also been present at a BS. “That man had lied a lot. But because he didn’t have a cent, he was expelled from the club without a fine.”We are put in a dark cornerMalessy MiMa

According to Malessy MiMa, the fines at bad standings were mainly intended “to keep people in line. A kind of stick behind the door, so that everyone would respect the club rules.” He says it was not the board’s responsibility to carry out wrong bad standings from time to time. “That is too simplistic, by saying ‘you are the founder and therefore responsible’. We are simply put in a dark corner.”

ghost chapters

In its own words, MiMa wanted nothing more than a ‘pure club’. That is why they broke up with Trailer Trash and Henk Kuipers’ group ‘Holland’. “Kuipers in particular founded all kinds of ‘ghost chapters’,” says MiMa. “It looked like he had chapters with at least twelve people, but in the end there were only two men. The rest consisted of extras.”

MiMa says it discovered this during unannounced visits. “I don’t like those jokes.” Kuipers would have done that in order to gain more influence at the board table. “He only wanted to glorify his own position. Well, then you have an opposite pole in me.”

Henk Kuipers left Satudarah and joined No Surrender. “That man is just a snake,” said Mima. “I would have liked to have ‘cut him back’ sooner, but he always knew how to talk himself out of it in front of the board. Afterwards, my fellow board members could kick themselves.” By ‘cutting back’ MiMa refers to the relegation of board members. As soon as they were in violation, they could be put one step lower.

Global Expansion

As mentioned, the Satudarah summit lost sight of its members. “We simply became too big.” But the club did not only grow in the Netherlands. “We were in the process of global expansion. That was our focus.” The club has chapters in dozens of countries. Branches were also established in Asia, Africa and South America.

“In Brazil I helped make a clubhouse,” says MiMa. “I lived there again for a while and did a lot of martial arts in a school near the favelas (deprived neighborhoods). Those boys also wanted to set up a chapter of Satudarah, but they had no money. I then received two thousand euros from the club’s coffers and I have air conditioners with it. , tables, chairs and a fridge for a clubhouse behind the gym. We also painted the place.”

shoe box

According to the central board, you shouldn’t have much to offer that club greenhouse. “It was a shoebox where money went in and out every now and then.” Tens of thousands of euros in contributions came in. “But it went out just as fast as it came in. We didn’t really keep track of how much money that was. Everything went in good faith.”

The men who managed club cash had no training there either. For example, the ‘National Treasurer’, as the treasurer is called, was actually a car mechanic. “Bookkeepers and banks did not want to do business with us, because of the bad name that justice has given us. So we did it our way, as good and bad as we could.”

Not only banks and accountants stopped doing business with Satudarah members. Insurers also preferred not to work with them anymore and several members, as well as their families, were fired. “Only because there were connections with Satudarah and the Public Prosecution Service had aimed its machine gun at us. Then the detectives had suddenly gone to an employer again, with the message: ‘Do you actually know what he is a member of?’ Well, then the employer would inquire and dismissal followed.”

Anonymous Witnesses

It seems that the Public Prosecution Service has bundled together a whole mountain of violations by individual Satudarah members, and is addressing the main board of the motorcycle club about it. Justice also relies on statements of anonymously threatened witnesses. They have told their story about the club to a special public prosecutor. They have opened a book about drug and arms trafficking in the name of the club.

“But those witnesses are just haters,” says MiMa. “Those are fringe idiots who talk from their necks. Apparently they somehow still have a bone to pick with someone within the club or something. But then you don’t have to catch us all.” MiMa would like to question them in court. But that request was denied.

Next Tuesday, the Public Prosecution Service will tell how it views the case and why the Satudarah summit is said to have formed a criminal organization. According to MiMa, it is already nonsense in advance. “We a criminal organization? No, but an organization that unfortunately also includes criminals.”

Location: Netherlands
Writer: Tom Meerbeek
Source: rtvoost