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Convicted rocker comes under police control

Published in 1%er News

Google translated from German

During a personal check in Erfurt, the police caught a man from the rocker milieu wanted with an arrest warrant. The 31-year-old member of a rocker group had been sentenced to three months’ imprisonment for violating probation conditions, but had not started, the police said. Thereupon the police immediately prepared his delivery to the nearest prison – which the native Thuringian, who lives in Bavaria, was just able to avert. According to the police, he managed to organize the sum of 4,500 euros ordered as a substitute for the imprisonment at short notice.

The 31-year-old is a member of the rock group “Hells Angels”, as a police spokesman said when asked. At first it was not known for which offense he was on parole. The police had increased their presence on Saturday in Erfurt due to various events and, among other things, intensified controls at the main train station, where the 31-year-old had been noticed by the officers because of his rocker-typical clothing.

Location: Germany