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After the ban in NRW: How do the Bandidos react?

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The ban of the “Federation West Central” of the Bandidos was a big blow to rockers. All local groups in North Rhine-Westphalia were banned. How do the Bandidos react?

Bielefeld. The ban of the “Federation West Central” of the Bandidos was a huge blow against the rocker scene. Suddenly, among other things, all chapters of the motorcycle club in North Rhine-Westphalia were banned. But how do the Bandidos actually react? Also read: This investigator from OWL hunted the Italian mafia, rockers and clans. It was about gang wars, murder and bodily harm : The Federal Ministry of the Interior banned the bandidos “Federation West Central” in mid-July. It was an amalgamation of the individual chapters, i.e. local groups, in North Rhine-Westphalia and the surrounding federal states …

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Location: Germany
Source: nw