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Requirement: up to 7 years in prison for top men Satudarah

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Google translated from Dutch

Three members of the national top of motorcycle club Satudarah must be jailed for seven years as far as the Public Prosecution is concerned. The Public Prosecution Service demanded this on Tuesday in the criminal case in Zwolle against four of the five top men of the now banned motorcycle club.

Michel B. (56), Angelo M. (44), Paul M. (52) were told to demand seven years and Redouan I. (44) six years in prison. According to the Public Prosecution Service, they were involved in violence, money laundering and drug trafficking as the leadership of a criminal organization. Police and justice feared that various motorcycle clubs in the Netherlands would start a gang war. Paul M. was jailed for four years in 2016 for arms supplies to the Satudarah chapter in Germany. The submachine guns were needed for a gang war with the Hells Angels in Germany.

In March 2017, the police raided, among others, the Satudarah clubhouse in Tilburg. According to the Public Prosecution Service, criminal money and weapons were seized. Members who had to leave the club after a conflict were beaten up, had to pay a 5000 euro fine and hand in their motorcycle. The Public Prosecution Service sees these dozens of ‘bad standings’ as extortion with violence and as the revenue model of the motorcycle club. With this, the top earned at least 124,000 euros.

Deported members felt threatened and did not want to talk to police, one of the prosecutors said. The ‘president’ of the Arnhem department was, among other things, taken his Porsche Cayenne after he suffered two broken arms and a broken eye socket during abuse by club members. “Before you know it you have a hand grenade in the garden,” he said when asked if he wanted to talk. One member was so badly beaten up in the bad standing that he almost died.

The motorcycle club has been banned as an organization in the Netherlands since 2018. The case against a fifth board member, Xanterra M. (47), has been adjourned until the end of November because his lawyer is ill. All board members deny that the motorcycle club as an organization was involved in criminal matters. They described Satudarah as a club that mainly deals with motorcycling, parties and drinking beer.

The court has set aside eleven days for the case. The date for a verdict has not yet been set.

Location: Netherlands
Source: rd