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Freier is dissatisfied after a visit to the brothel – and instigates a mass brawl

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Google translated from German

A mass brawl broke out on Tuesday evening in a Hamburg brothel in the Hamm district. A client was not satisfied with the work of a prostitute and did not want to pay. As a result, she called her pimp for help.

A local reporter reports that the sex worker called the housekeepers and pimps for help when her client refused to pay for the service.

Hamburg brothel: Because clients refuse to pay, there is a mass brawl

The 26-year-old client, who, according to the police agency, was not satisfied with the service provided and therefore refused to pay, also organized support. And so then the groups – flogging – attacked each other.

The police agency told MOPO that over 20 people were involved in the brawl. When the officers arrived, however, some of the people involved had fled. In the end, 15 people were identified and checked. Some were minor injuries from the brawl, but no one was hospitalized, police said.

Hells Angels were also among the thugs

The on-site reporter also reported that among the controlled men from the brothel and its surroundings there were only people from the red-light mileu who were known to the police, including some people related to the Hells Angels .

There were also several cars on the street with their windows smashed and their tailgates torn open. Including a caddy that had smoke alarms loaded, some of which were then scattered across the street.

There were no arrests that evening.

Location: Germany
Source: focus
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