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Justice demands jail sentence for wearing Bandidos clothing

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The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Maastricht is demanding a prison sentence of twelve weeks, of which four weeks are conditional, for wearing clothing from the Bandidos motorcycle club, which was banned in 2020. This is the first time that a lawsuit has been filed about this.

The reason for the trial is the large criminal case in Limburg against several Bandidos members.

In court
During one of the hearings in April this year, Brian H., president of the Heerlen branch of the Bandidos, wore clothes and a cap from the motorcycle club. Justice made a point of that and Brian had to hand in the items to the public prosecutor’s office.

The judiciary also wanted to test the issue in court, because there is quite a bit of discussion about what is and is not prohibited. The court must now rule on this.

Like Satudarah and Hells Angels, motorcycle club Bandidos has also been banned by the court. They are seen as a criminal organization. However, justice made the mistake of only conducting a case against Bandidos Holland, which means that the local departments are not formally banned. Brian, from the Heerlen chapter, also told the judges that on Monday. “Bandidos Holland doesn’t even exist, it has nothing to do with it.”

The judge disagreed, noting that the Bandidos all wear the same logo, regardless of the chapter they are a member of.

The Public Prosecution Service is of the opinion that due to the national ban on the Bandidos, logos and expressions may no longer be worn visibly. “This has already been included in the APV (General Local Regulation) of seventy municipalities, including Maastricht. They are not allowed to unite and clubhouses are closed by mayors. This contributes to tackling crime,” said the public prosecutor during the meeting. seat.

The fact that the chapters are not banned does not mean that members cannot be guilty of continuing the work of a banned organization, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

View the demand from the judiciary and the lawyer’s response to it here:


Attorney Gitte Stevens believes that her client should be acquitted. “Only the national umbrella is prohibited. The departments do not fall under that. Moreover, Brian was previously acquitted of participating in a criminal organization.” According to Stevens, the law is also unclear. “Is wearing clothes a continuation of work?” she wondered.

The judge will rule on November 23.

Location: Netherlands
Source: 1limburg