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The latest operation against the Boixos Nois uncovers the links with the ‘Hells Angels’

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The arrest of a member of the Nomads Spain chapter of the Hell’s Angels in Catalonia, during the last CNP operation against the Boixos Nois in Sabadell, shows the relations between the two groups, both linked to drug trafficking

They ask for the freedom of “Sergi81”, detained during the last police operation against the Boixos Nois in Catalonia /

Last Tuesday, November 2, the National Police dismantled a neo-Nazi group in Sabadell (Barcelona) , allegedly dedicated to drug trafficking and sexual exploitation . Officers detained more than a dozen people. All of them sympathizers or members of ‘El Último Bastión’ , belonging to the Boixos Nois (an ultra – right group , traditionally linked to the football club Barcelona hooligans , with a long criminal history linked to drug trafficking, sexual exploitation and gratuitous violence) .

Among those arrested: “@ Sergi81”

Among those arrested, names such as Dídac G. , one of the leaders of that group, or Genís V. , Condemned for the attack that a neo-Nazi group carried out in the Stroika room in Manresa in 2012 and which almost cost him his life to a young man.

However, nothing has transpired about the arrest of a certain “@ Sergi81” , a member of the ‘ Nomads Spain ‘ chapter of Los Angeles del Infierno based in Catalonia. Shortly after the operation, several profiles related to this outlaw motorcycle gang began to request the release of “Sergi81”. Several sources have confirmed to that his arrest occurred within the framework of the operation against ‘El Último Bastión’ on the 2nd in Sabadell.

Joint work

This arrest would uncover and confirm the existing links between the Boixos Nois and the Hells Angels in Catalonia Both groups, allegedly dedicated to the commission of crimes and of neo-Nazi tendency, could be collaborating together.

In fact, police sources specialized in the investigation of motorcycle gangs outside the law have already explained that the extensive logistics, infrastructure and contacts network that Los Angeles del Infierno had is a hook for other criminal organizations ,  who drink from their networks to transport drugs all over Europe. So it would not be the first time that this motor clubs has been linked with other groups dedicated to organized crime to offer its logistics network in exchange for benefits.

‘Nomads Spain’

Both ‘ Nomads Spain ‘ and ‘El Último Bastión’ have been established for years in the Vallès Occidental area, between Sabadell (where the operation took place) and Terrassa. Geographical proximity may be one of the reasons for their relationships. However, the truth is that several of the detainees had criminal records for committing very similar crimes: drug trafficking and injuries (the vast majority). Infractions for which both groups are recognized and investigated by the different State police forces.

Location: Spain
Source: eltaquigrafo