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Motorcycle gang rivalry is suspected motive in shooting death of marine

In September, while riding his motorcycle in Lincoln County, 33-year-old Daniel Aaron was shot and killed.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has released new details on the shooting death of a marine.

In September, while riding his motorcycle in Lincoln County, 33-year-old Daniel Aaron was shot and killed. The suspected motive was a gang rivalry.

Court documents reveal a violent attack on Highway 62 near Midwest City. Four members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club are now charged with the murder of the marine.

According to the documents, Aaron took a ride with a prospect who was looking to join the Pagan Motorcycle Club in early September. Investigators say that Aaron was a member.

While they were on Highway 62, two other bikers passed them. The bikers were dressed in Outlaw Motorcycle Club clothing.

The man riding with Aaron told OSBI that he saw one of the motorcyclists pull up alongside Aaron. He said that there was a single gunshot and Aaron fell.

These newly released documents say that the prospect fired his gun too, but claimed not to aim at the other bikers. He told OSBI that he did not believe that he hit anyone.

However, one of the men who is now charged in the case did arrive at the hospital later that day with a bullet wound to the leg.

Following initial interviews, OSBI agents spent several weeks gathering surveillance footage and cellphone records from the day of the incident. With those elements, combined with medical records and recorded phone conversations, agents identified the men who they believe were involved in the fatal shooting.

Last week, the OSBI announced first-degree murder charges for Outlaw members Steven Roberts and Virgil Nelson.

Two other members were accused of helping hide one of the motorcycles used in the murder. They’re facing accessory charges.

In those same documents, the ATF says that violence between these two gangs, the Pagans and Outlaws, is not uncommon. The Outlaws apparently have a goal of maintaining control of a certain region, with the control obtained through violence.

All men charged in this case will appear in court for the first time or for bond hearings over the next few days.