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Hells Angels member charged with attempted murder

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Google translated from Swedish

In October, a man in his 40s was shot in the center of Landvetter and seriously injured.

A suspected man in his 45s with many years of membership in the criminal motorcycle gang Hells Angels was arrested at the scene and has now been charged with, among other things, attempted murder. 

According to prosecutor Maria Thorell, the motive must have been at least partly racist, can be read in the lawsuit. 

It was on October 8 that the victim of the assassination attempt and his friend were out walking in central Landvetter, when the suspect unprovoked went on the attack against the two men. 

In the tumult that arose, the man at the age of 45 is said to have shot one of them in the chest, hand and in the finger with a sawn-off shotgun. The shot man, who is not known to the police since before, received serious injuries, including a crush injury to the lung.

According to the lawsuit, the motive for the act has at least partly been to offend the plaintiffs due to skin color and / or ethnic origin.

“Showed special ruthlessness”

In addition to attempted murder, the man is also charged with aggravated unlawful threats, aggravated assault, aggravated weapon crime, assault and for violation of the knife law.

In the lawsuit, you can read:

“The act was life-threatening and that the perpetrator showed special ruthlessness and rudeness when he, armed with both a shotgun and a knife, unprovoked in the middle of the night with the motive to offend plaintiff e because of his race, skin color and / or ethnic background.” 

The man is said to have been heavily influenced by drugs at the time and is also charged with minor drug offenses.

In the evidence, a number of interrogations have been held with witnesses in the area who, among other things, observed that two shots were fired and that the plaintiffs shouted for help.

The defendant denies the crime.

Previously convicted

The man has previously been convicted of several other crimes, of which violations of the Debt Collection Act are one of them. In previous judgments, it is also possible to establish the man’s connection to Hells Angels.

In 2021, he was prosecuted for civil registration offenses, after he registered himself at one of the Hells Angels’ club premises. This was discovered in January 2021 when the task force attacked the premises to find out if anyone lived at the address. The lawsuit was filed in mid-June, stating that the move was incorrect because the man did not move or intended to move to the address.

Location: Sweden
Source: expressen
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