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Biker war: after the deadly fight in Tarbes, a support from the Hells Angels leaves prison

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  • At a rally of bikers.At a rally of bikers. DDM photo illustration

A 24-year-old Toulouse man was released after the murder of a biker in Tarbes in September. A brawl had broken out between two rival groups, the Rebels and the Hells Angels.

Three months after the deadly fight in Tarbes where a biker was stabbed to death , on September 18, 2021, a 24-year-old Toulouse man was released. Indicted and imprisoned on October 8 for “murder in an organized gang and participation in a criminal association”, this man was released from prison on December 24, placed under judicial supervision.

This trained and socially integrated plasterer is now prohibited from coming into contact with the protagonists of the case. A decision taken by the investigating judge of the specialized interregional jurisdiction of Bordeaux (Jirs), in charge of this complex criminal case. Close to the famous group of bikers the Hells Angels, this Toulouse occupies the rank of “prospect”, brought to prove himself, in the jargon of these famous dreaded bikers.

On September 18 in Tarbes, in front of the exhibition center where the American Saloon, an exhibition dedicated to American culture, is held, a fight pits two rival clans, those affiliated with the Hells Angels against relatives of the Rebel group.

Territory war

In this fight against the backdrop of a territorial war, Joseph Pontroue, 52, close to the Rebels, was stabbed several times. Very quickly the investigation of the Toulouse judicial police identified several suspects, including two Parisians, members of the Hells Angels.

During a first crackdown on rogatory commission, on October 5, with the help of the Raid and the BRIs of Toulouse, Bayonne and Bordeaux, five suspects were placed in police custody and indicted, including the defended Toulousain. by Mes Laurent Boguet and Martin Vatinel. Another wave of arrests comes a few weeks later. In total, seven individuals are indicted after the fight in Tarbes.

Punitive Expedition Against the Rebels

For this Toulousain who regained freedom on Christmas Eve with the support of his lawyers, justice considered that he had not given fatal blows even if his presence at the scene of the brawl is recognized. The biker had traveled, under downpours, on his Harley Davidson, from Toulouse to Tarbes, following the car of four other accomplices including one of the Parisians, suspected of having given the fatal blows.

He allegedly attended a meeting in Paris, a week before the incident, with members of the Hells Angels. But justice seeks above all to determine the circumstances in which a second meeting was held on September 16, in Serres-Castet (64) and during which the decision to lead a punitive expedition against the Rebels would have been taken. Which would imply premeditation. The Toulouse biker said he did not attend.

In addition, another suspect in his sixties is still wanted as part of this investigation.

Location: France
Source: ladepeche