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Hells Angels man shot wildly around him at Ica store

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Google translated from Swedish

A man in his 50s – belonging to Hells Angels – has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated unlawful threat, aggravated weapon crime and assault after a seemingly completely unprovoked shooting at two men in Landvetter center.

One of them was hit in the hand and in the chest:

After the incident, I can not sleep and I am afraid to go home. I do not know what to do, he says.

Two close acquaintances have decided to take a walk late at night on October 8 last year. 

In the vicinity of an Ica store, they notice a man walking near them, it appears in interrogation. Soon the man shouts “go, go, go” and takes out a weapon – a sawn-off shotgun – which has been hidden inside his jacket, and pushes them towards a dark corner behind the Ica store. 

A great tumult erupts, where the two men try to hold the man, and the weapon, to the ground. But then comes the first shot – which is followed by several more. 

– It was when I was holding one of his legs that he shot me, I think he meant to shoot me, says one of the men in interrogation. 

It takes a while for him to feel that he has actually been hit – certainly superficially – by a bullet in the chest and in the hand.

– I felt the shot inside me and thought I was going to die, I could not breathe. 

Suspect must have shouted “black skull”

He tells how he shouts for the police, and how the man laughs in response. 

– And then he said sharmouta which means whore in Arabic. I think he may have tried to make us believe that he knew Arabic but he could not, the victim continues.

There will be a fight, the victim who was hit by the shot says that he strikes until he feels dizzy. At about the same time, two guards arrive and can handcuff the man, until the police arrive and take over.

Several who are at the scene then testify in the investigation about how the handcuffed man shouts “black skull”, that he must have spat at one of the men, and that he said things like “whore” and “new Swedes” in the transport to the passenger. 

It soon turns out that the man is a full member of Hell’s angels. 

– I use my right to be silent, I am here to actually listen, he says at the beginning of his first interrogation. He then says “I listen” 88 times, in response to the interrogator’s questions.

No motive has thus emerged. However, the National Board of Forensic Medicine has found that the suspected perpetrator had cocaine, benzodiazepines and approximately 1.1 per mille alcohol in his blood at the time.

The two victims, on the other hand, are more developing. One of them asks in an interrogation if he can start by telling something.

– Honestly, after what has happened, I or my children can not leave home, even the children experience fear. I just need the help of the landlord to be able to change my address, the most important thing for me is my wife and my children.

Neither of the two men can for the life of them understand why the suspect has attacked them. They say that he did not ask for money or anything else, and there is nothing in the investigation that indicates that the victims are, for example, members of a gang or had any contact with the man before.

The man who was hit by one of the shots appeals to the police to take a tougher grip on the criminals.

– I wish and I want you to deal with these criminals, I do not feel safe. I wish I could get back ten percent of the security I felt before. If I walk on the street, I look right and left and think that anyone can kill me, he says just over three weeks after the shooting.

The suspect has now been charged with attempted murder, aggravated unlawful threats, aggravated weapon crime and assault.

Location: Sweden
Source: expressen
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