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Hells Angels members attack police officers

Google translated from German

The picture was taken at a Hells Angels meeting in Berlin.  There was also a police operation there.

Two police officers were attacked and injured during an operation on December 4th at the Hells Angels Clubheim in Geinsheim. The Rheinpfalz police headquarters and the Frankenthal public prosecutor’s office have only now informed about this.

The motorcycle and rocker club Hells Angels has had a clubhouse in Geinsheim for a long time. According to RHEINPFALZ information, the police have had the local situation on the screen for months. On December 4th, a “potentially dangerous dog was to be secured” in the clubhouse. The police officers were waiting on site for a judicial search warrant when a group of seven people suddenly appeared and attacked the police officers. Two men from the group punched two police officers in the face. Both suffered minor injuries. Another police officer was unharmed.

Lead attacker known to police

According to the Bureau, most of the attackers were able to escape undetected after the crime. Only one of the main perpetrators, according to the police a 42-year-old leading member of the “Hells Angels MC” Neustadt, was already known by name due to previous operations.

A spokeswoman for the presidium justified the fact that the presidium is only now reporting on the incident with the “investigations that have been necessary in the meantime”. These were recorded because of the physical attack on law enforcement officers and dangerous bodily harm.

apartment searched

On behalf of the public prosecutor’s office, the 42-year-old’s apartment and the rooms of the rocker club in Geinsheim were searched on January 6th. According to the police, several mobile phones, a small amount of amphetamine, a live firearm and two fake vaccination certificates were seized. As a result, further investigations into violations of the Narcotics Act, the Weapons Act and forgery of documents were initiated.

The results of the investigations so far: four other suspects aged 32, 34, 36 and 40 have now been identified. The police and public prosecutor’s office also assign these to the rocker milieu. The spokeswoman for the Presidium emphasized that further investigations are still being carried out. Because not all of the people who attacked the police officers at the beginning of December are known.