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Love rivals within Ghent Hells Angels on the fist: “Man beat up by six people, his tattoos were scratched”

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The clubhouse on the Brusselsesteenweg in Ghent
The clubhouse on the Brusselsesteenweg in Ghent © DVEG

GHENTA love affair has put the Hells Angels in Ghent in turmoil. The battle for a woman has turned into a real battle in which the victim was badly beaten by the leader of the gang. The man was left with two broken eye sockets. His Hells Angels tattoos were also scratched out. The leader of the gang now faces a 37-month prison sentence.

A member of the Ghent Hells Angels has been badly beaten by some members of the same gang after a love affair got out of hand. The leader of the Ghent Hells Angels had a crush on the same woman the victim was in a relationship with, and that did not go down well. 

Spare key

“On May 30 of last year, the victim was beaten up by six people in the club room of the Hells Angels along the Brusselsesteenweg in Gentbrugge,” the public prosecutor said. his Hells Angels tattoos were scratched through.” While the man was being hit, other members of the gang took things and attributes of the Hells Angels from his home, according to the public prosecutor, because they turned out to have a spare key. 

A month later, the problem was still not solved. PD, the leader of the gang, then furiously marched towards the victim’s home where he kicked in the door. However, before he caught him, the victim was able to escape. Many members of the Hells Angels were also present at the man’s home, but they deny their involvement. “We wanted to defuse the situation, so we went there en masse,” it sounded. The members present did not wish to answer further questions from the staff judge in Ghent.

Crossed out tattoos

The man who, according to the Public Prosecution Service, had scratched through the tattoos, did take the floor on Monday. “Those tattoos were crossed out with his knowledge and with care. It was about thin lines and afterwards an anesthetic ointment was applied to the skin.” The prosecution ordered a 37-month prison sentence for the leader of the gang. The other members risk jail sentences of between 8 and 15 months.