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Up to life in prison demanded against biker gang members in assassinations trial

On Friday, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded life in prison against Delano R., the main suspect in the assassinations trial around motorcycle gang Caloh Wagoh. R. was the absolute leader of the gang that delivered murder on order, the “pivot in the assassinations network, the founder and leader of murder squads,” according to the OM. The OM considers it proven that R. gave orders for five murders, among other things.

Co-defendants Feno D., Jermaine B., Willem B., and Greg R. also heard life sentences demanded against them. The OM is still formulating demands against the other suspects. A total of 19 suspects are on trial in the Eris process.  -Advertentie-

“Trade in the death of human lives as a business model. Words are not enough for this,” the OM said in the high-security courtroom at Schiphol on Friday. According to the OM, Delano R. (51) led “a criminal organization that is unprecedented in the Netherlands concerning how murders were committed on order.” In less than eight months, “killing squads” killed five people and prepared to kill dozens more. “By order,” said the OM. “For money. With a simple chat message on a PGP phone, life and death were decided.”

The OM observed “a tendency” of increasingly violent action in the criminal environment. The crimes of gangs like R.’s are “completely socially unacceptable.” Society must be protected, the “excessive violence in the underworld” combated, the OM said.

When justifying the sentence demand, the OM took into account that, except for key witness Tony de G., the suspects “have not taken responsibility nor shown remorse.” Delano R. consistently denied all allegations. According to the judiciary, he was finishing the hit list of Ridouan Taghi. Taghi is the prime suspect in the other mega-trial, Marengo, which revolves around another series of assassinations. “Every enemy of yours is one of mine,” R. reportedly wrote to Taghi in an encrypted chat message.