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Live Chat – Biker DMZ

Biker DMZ is the original Biker News Chat… Check it out now:

A few things to remember…

Battling on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics…
Even if you win, you’re still retarded…

This is a public forum, and it may be monitored (Considering it’s off a 1% News Site, you can bet it’s monitored)
and they’ll use it against you if they can. Watch what you post

Any post by anyone acting like or proclaiming to be a cop will be banned.
Any posts by a cop, or replies to a cop may be deleted.

There will be no flaming of any club or any individual.
This is not censorship, this is a matter of respect. This board is for communication, not for confrontation…

By posting here, you vow to follow these simple rules.

Don’t like the rules, Don’t Post here.
You have been warned.

Click Here to go to the original Biker DMZ