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He was supposed to be her teacher and mentor - not her abuser: How a popular maths teacher used his position of trust to 'groom' schoolgirl, 17 - telling her to wear a skirt to school so they could have sex in a classroom

22/06/20 18:01

22/06/20 20:00

Nicole Fahey, whose 76-year-old grandmother Ann Fahey died at the Anglicare-run home, is calling for an independent inquiry into the facility's handling of the outbreak.

22/06/20 14:48

MasterChef Australia star Reynold Poernomo has been engulfed in a number of bruising off-screen scandals during the current season of Back to Win.

20/06/20 01:41

A key member of Australia's most successful drill rap group, OneFour, has dramatically turned his back on the crew after spending four months in jail over a wild brawl.

11/06/20 23:25

A primary school in Sydney has been shut down after a 'probable' case of coronavirus was detected.

10/06/20 22:42

Some of Sydney and Melbourne's wealthiest suburbs were among the worst affected, but many neighbouring areas came out relatively unscathed.

09/06/20 19:19

Republican Senator Rick Scott said 'every democracy' across the world needs to stand up for what they believe in to fight against China's quest for supremacy.

09/06/20 18:01

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee believes it will take up to a fortnight to assess whether the protests have caused a fresh outbreak of new coronavirus cases.

08/06/20 17:17

Five-year-old Mohamed Ali Laalaa had been out on the water with his father Ali and two other men when their boat capsized near Bulli Point in Wollongong south of Sydney.

05/06/20 17:25

Punters were seen queuing outside popular haunts as they tried to bag a table, with some open for the first time since lockdown began in March.

04/06/20 18:03

Qantas and Jetstar have announced the return of domestic flights to reboot the nation's multi-billion dollar aviation industry after planes were grounded due to the global pandemic.

03/06/20 14:59

Karan, 20, was waiting for his next job in Wentworthville train station, western Sydney, at about 10pm when he was fly-kicked and threatened at knife-point.

03/06/20 04:12

Doug Sproule, 38, was parking his truck in a yard in Picton, south-west Sydney, on May 22, unaware that five-year-old Harrison was behind the vehicle.

01/06/20 20:21

Thousands of punters poured into pubs across Australia as some of the country's venues open their doors for the first time in two months.

29/05/20 14:39

A fuel leak caused the 38-foot Mustang boat to ignite on the George's River in Blakehurst, south Sydney, on Friday morning.

28/05/20 23:53

A man and woman have been killed in a horror head-on crash during peak hour traffic in Sydney's south.

21/05/20 08:30

A man arrested over the stabbing death of his estranged wife at their western Sydney home was pictured leaving hospital in handcuffs and escorted by two police officers.

21/05/20 03:02

Daniel Walsh, who owns eight houses and a block of land in four states, has revealed why he avoids buying apartments near the city or a university. He gave his investment tips for the coronavirus crisis.

20/05/20 14:46

A woman has been stabbed to death inside a home.

20/05/20 08:26

Lilypad Palm Beach lies in Pittwater Bay, a body of water sheltered by the Palm Beach peninsula in Sydney. It boasts a double bedroom, a bathroom, a private boat, a wine cellar and a personal chef.

19/05/20 17:14

Howard Rollins has pleaded not guilty to being an accessory to the female genital mutilation, arguing he arrived at the Newcastle tattoo parlour hours after the woman had her labia removed.

16/05/20 02:07

Events manager Liz Albornoz, 39, was enjoying a coffee at Cafe Si:Zac in Sydney's north when an out-of-control Holden Commodore ploughed into them at 10:15am on February 28.

13/05/20 01:18

Australia's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and overall safety, as well as plunging house prices, has made it even more appealing.

21/04/20 18:07

NSW Health is looking into expanding testing to those even with the mildest symptoms in a bid to further flatten the curve of the deadly virus.

18/03/20 01:28

Vera Zinger, 23, was pulled over by police in Barangaroo near Sydney's CBD, on November 29 where officers allegedly found four bags containing 2kg worth of drugs and $2,150 in cash.

17/03/20 22:25

New South Wales Health said the outbreak of the virus, which has infected more than 450 people nationally, had further raised demand already sitting at record highs at the end of last year.

17/03/20 22:43

A young mother-of-two broke down in tears at a pharmacy in Sydney's Bondi Beach on Tuesday after discovering that coronavirus hoarders had bought all of the Children's Panadol Baby Drops.

15/03/20 21:13

An Australian mother invented a makeup removal pad two years ago that now sells every 30 seconds around the world.

13/03/20 03:26

Katy Perry has fled Australia after spending 24 hours holed up in her Sydney hotel due to a coronavirus scare among staff at her record label.

13/03/20 03:25

Katy Perry is reportedly 'in lockdown' in her Sydney hotel as coronavirus anxiety grips Australia.

06/03/20 21:59

Belal Shmait, 36, from Western Sydney was sentenced to two years behind bars over his role in a violent attack of a man in Bondi Beach in 2017.

06/03/20 21:50

A Sydney man who flaunted his extravagant lifestyle on social media is now facing life in prison for plotting to bring $150million dollars of cocaine into Australia. 

10/02/20 00:16

Amid the record-breaking deluge, Wahroonga on Sydney's upper north shore received 164mm of rainfall over the course of Sunday alone - compared to an average February rainfall of 117mm.

03/02/20 18:40

Two Sydney mums have been charged after a bizarre online spat over the coronavirus allegedly ended in a wild brawl.

03/02/20 03:09

Joel McIlroy, who could face seven years in prison if convicted of assault a young policewoman, was granted $10,000 bail in the New South Wales Supreme Court on Monday.

29/01/20 15:40

Fake social media posts are claiming coronavirus is spreading in several Sydney suburbs, and is even found in Lipton ice tea.

28/01/20 23:19

Dane Wheway, 25, caused a horrific crash which killed Jeremy Harvey on the M1 north of Sydney in March 2018. He was driving his Ford Ranger 'dangerously and erratically'.

19/04/20 11:14

Dimitri Moskovich, one of Bondi's most recognisable citizens, has renewed his campaign to rid the beach of mounted police, claiming they treat the world-famous landmark as a 'horse toilet'.

25/01/20 02:54

Four people in NSW and two on the Gold Coast are being tested for the deadly new coronavirus spreading from China as the global death toll rose to 26 with 844 confirmed cases.

25/01/20 02:27

Six people in two Australian states are being tested for the deadly new coronavirus spreading from China as the global death toll rose to 26 with 844 confirmed cases.

24/01/20 19:48

Health officials are investigating if a person has caught the deadly new coronavirus in New South Wales.

03/02/20 21:55

One international student from Wuhan, who asked not to be named, said he was quizzed by officials on the way in to the airport and a group of doctors wearing masks asked him if he was unwell.

24/01/20 19:36

A number of Australians have been tested for the virus which has led to 17 deaths from about 524 cases in China.

23/01/20 21:29

Staff from New South Wales Health will help federal biosecurity staff to monitor travellers following an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus which is believed to have spread from Wuhan.

07/01/20 15:43

Elton John told a crowd of thousands he had donated $1million to help bushfire victims during his Sydney concert on Tuesday night.

07/01/20 05:31

AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver has said the bushfires engulfing Australia could wipe off up to 1 per cent of the nation's GDP growth this year - a staggering $13billion.

06/01/20 19:53

Jules Robinson has thrown her hat into the fundraiser ring in an effort to raise cash for the bushfire crisis. 

06/01/20 21:13

Australia's worst bushfires in living memory aren't just leaving a trail of devastation in New South Wales and Victoria. They are also threatening to push the economy into a recession.

06/01/20 12:47

Stunned residents watched on as the huge fire swarmed the dry, grassy area in Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday night.

05/01/20 04:06

Satellite images taken on Saturday showed wildfires burning around East Gippsland and Kosciuszko National Park.

03/01/20 00:27

Remote areas are already on the brink of a severe humanitarian crisis caused by contaminated water and low food and fuel supplies with many also cut off from medical help.

02/01/20 14:26

A seven-day state of emergency has been declared in NSW, as officials warn residents and holidaymakers to flee the fire-ravaged east coast.

02/01/20 08:32

Towns are running out of fuel and water, shops are selling out of basic supplies and more fatalities are expected as fires raging across southern Australia are set to get worse by Saturday.

02/01/20 06:03

NSW Rural Fire Service has urged holidaymakers to flee the area from Batemans Bay down to the Victoria Boarder as conditions could be as bad as New Year's Eve.

13/05/20 22:42

Authorities are preparing for conditions to worsen again by Saturday in NSW and Victoria, where thousands of properties have already been razed and at least 18 people have lost their lives.

01/01/20 22:14

Sydney went ahead with its multi-million dollar New Year firework display at midnight on Tuesday, despite calls for it to be cancelled as much of Australia is devastated by wildfires.

30/12/19 15:38

She's the former Home and Away star who is known for her incredible bikini body.

27/12/19 07:56

Samba Widhyastuti, 59, was arrested at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris last month - three years after her 25-year-old boyfriend Florent Gregoire, from Nantes, disappeared.

26/12/19 22:18

An Australian woman has been arrested in France after allegedly kidnapping her 30-years-younger lover who has not been seen in three years. 

25/12/19 11:09

The photographic collection from the State Library of New South Wales showcases festive celebrations across the state from as far back as 1918.

20/12/19 11:07

Will Smith was spotted in a remote Australian town on Friday morning. 

17/03/20 21:07

Vera Zinger was pulled over in Barangaroo on November 29 and police searched her car where they allegedly found two grams of drugs and $2,150 in cash.

12/12/19 01:07

The 31-year-old woman was 38 weeks pregnant when she was set upon by a stranger while with friends at Bay Vista cafe on Church Street, Parramatta.

02/12/19 04:29

High-tech cameras are set to ear $350 million per year generating fines. 

05/06/20 03:55

NSW drivers who threaten lives by using mobile phones behind the wheel risk being caught by unmarked cameras as new technology rolls out across the state today.

01/12/19 00:09

High-tech cameras that can capture clear images of drivers illegally using their mobile phones will go live on Sunday in 45 unknown locations across New South Wales.

19/12/19 08:28

Every day Australian drivers are caught on camera using their phones eating, reading and even doing drugs at speeds of up to 100km/h.

22/11/19 06:52

The 31-year-old woman, who is 38 weeks pregnant, was with friends at Bay Vista cafe on Church Street, Parramatta, at 10.30pm on Wednesday when she was set upon.

21/11/19 21:49

Stipe Lozina, 43, has been refused bail after being charged with affray and assault occasioning actual bodily harm over the alleged attack on Church Street, Parramatta on Wednesday night.

21/11/19 19:36

The smog has blown over from a huge fire at Gospers Mountain in the Hawkesbury region. The Rural Fire Service is controlling the fire, which covers more than 160,000 hectares.

12/11/19 05:08

The suburbs most directly at risk of fire are near the bushland areas around the city such as Hornsby in the north, Penrith in the west and Camden and Sutherland in the south.

06/11/19 05:39

Actor Joel McIlroy, 46, allegedly repeatedly punched a 29-year-old policewoman during a scuffle in the inner-city of Sydney, putting the senior constable in hospital.

05/11/19 21:47

Sydney's Inner West Council is expected to vote on a motion within the next week that will move Australia Day events from January 26.

05/11/19 03:40

Bernard 'Butch' Gore was found dead in Sydney's Westfield Bondi Junction in January 2017 after he failed to meet his wife outside Woolworths, as planned, three weeks earlier.

04/11/19 21:59

Angela Gore, surrounded by her children, cried silently as an inquest heard how her husband's body was found kneeling forward in the stairwell at Westfield Bondi Junction in early 2017.

04/11/19 06:39

The body of Bernard 'Butch' Gore, 71, was found in Sydney's Westfield Bondi Junction in January 2017, three weeks after he walked into a stairwell and disappeared.

24/10/19 08:13

Grace Poo, 23, was arrested at the Midnight Mafia music festival in Sydney's Olympic Park last May when sniffer dogs detected her trying to enter with the $50,000 worth of ecstasy tablets.

24/10/19 22:00

Joel McIlroy, 46, allegedly punched the senior constable multiple times and shoulder-charged her as he intervened in the arrest of another man in Sydney's Surry Hills on Tuesday.

23/10/19 15:54

Former Home & Away Actor Joel McIlroy is behind bars, accused of punching and shoulder-charging a female police officer in Surry Hills yesterday. 

23/10/19 00:22

Two of Sydney's best-known hoarders will continue their self-represented battle to have fines thrown out in court, alleging they obstructed police during a council-led clean-up.